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Math Galaxy is a series of apps and workbooks designed to give you practice in the areas you need it most. These apps can be purchased on the iTunes App Store for iPad and iPhones. These Math Learning Apps give you unlimited practice for the skills your child needs to master the most. Additionally, whether you are just beginning to homeschool or are a pro at it, finding new resources to add to your arsenal is essential for keeping the learning magic alive.

Zombie Numbers Math App

These are the available apps for the Math Galaxy which is a set of Learning Math Apps

  • 3rd Grade Math
  • 4th Grade Math
  • 5th Grade Math
  • 6th Grade Math
  • 7th Grade Math
  • 8th Grade Math
  • Pre-Algebra Fundamentals
  • Algebra Fundamentals
  • Fraction & Decimal Riddles
  • Whole Number Riddles
  • Times Tables Balloon Pop
  • Whole Numbers Balloon Pop
  • Word Problems Fun
  • Zombie Numbers

For the purpose of this review, I received the following Math Galaxy apps:

3rd Grade Math

Pre-Algebra Fundamentals

Times Tables Balloon Pop

Whole Numbers Balloon Pop

Zombie Numbers

Preschool Math

And I also received a complete collection of the workbooks. 

How We are Using Math Galaxy Learning Apps at Home

Whole Numbers Balloon Pop App

Add and Subtract Balloon Pop Math Galaxy
Math Galaxy App Whole Numbers Balloon Pop

Jack-Jack has loved the Whole Numbers Balloon Pop. However, I like it too. I choose the 3 facts to show below. A problem appears at the top of the screen and several balloons float around the screen. Simply tap on the correct answer and the balloon pops. When you pop the wrong answer, that balloon disappears giving the child the opportunity to answer until they pop the right balloon.

Visuals appear on the screen to help your child in case they are stuck on a problem. For example 6-3: There are six apples with three appearing in a different color. 

Select addition or subtraction, and by individual number facts, ie. 1s, 2s, etc., or 1-5s, 6-9s or all facts. 

We give Whole Numbers Balloon Pop 2 thumbs up for a fun and great way to memorize your addition and subtraction facts.

Times Tables Balloon Pop App

Times Tables Balloon Pop App
Times Table Balloon Pop Math Galaxy

The Times Tables Balloon Pop is set up in much the same way as Whole Numbers Balloon Pop and is a fun way to learn times tables.

Preschool Math Galaxy App

Preschool math galaxy app

Probably my favorite of all the ones that I downloaded is Preschool Math. The graphics on this app is cute and engaging for the youngest of kids, and this app includes counting, matching numbers – Click on a number and the corresponding visual (love this), matching sums which is very similar, but with addition, tracing numbers, Froggie count, and Froggie jump. 

Preschool Math Galaxy App Tracing Number 1
Froggie Jump math galaxy app

Math Learning App: Math Galaxy Third Grade

Third Grade Math app is the one I choose to work through the Jack-Jack. It covers a review, place value blocks, rounding and estimating, adding whole numbers, subtracting whole numbers, multiplication tables, division tables, patterns, fractions, measurements, geometry, and games. 

third grade number line work
third grade math galaxy app

Pre-Algebra Fundamentals Math Galaxy App

Pre-Algebra Fundamentals includes decimals signed numbers, absolute value, powers/exponents, the order of operations (oh, so important), 1 & 2 step equations, slopes and linear equations, ratios, percents, measurement, lines, angles & polygons, triangles, graphs, probability and more! This is a great Pre-Algebra app or a review for a child who news more.

Zombie Numbers App

Zombie Numbers Math App
Game for Zomibe Numbers

The Zombie Numbers App is probably my least favorite of the apps that I have downloaded, but it is still a great resource. I really don’t like Zombies, but they are sort of cute in a strange way. I do like the games in it.

Math Galaxy Learning eBooks

math galaxy cover of workbook rounding & estimating whole numbers riddle book
time and money riddles ebook by Math Galaxy
Math Galanxy Learning Workbooks

Math Galaxy has a series of eBooks offered in PDF format to supplement their apps. The Workbooks are a wonderful printable resource to reinforce concepts that a child may be struggling with and to give extra practice.

Remember, that all children learn differently, and most need a combination of learning styles to solidify a concept. These workbooks are a great way to help a child really learn a concept.

Math Galaxy Workbook Page Student working

Make sure to visit Math Galaxy for more information on the math learning apps or to purchase the pdf math workbooks.

VISIT the Crew Blog (via the big banner below) to read more reviews for the learning math apps by Math Galaxy.

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