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I have a confession to make. Until recently, my family has never done any lap books – ever. In the 26 years of homeschooling, I have not purchased, printed off or used lap books in any way inside the walls of my house. When I had the opportunity to try Home School in the Woods material, I thought that it would be a change of pace from the usual things we do around here. Our family got to use the Time Travelers U.S. History Studies: The American Revolution.

The American Revolution Home School in the Woods Lap Pak

Home School in the Woods Products

Before I tell you about our experience, let me first tell you about the products Home School in the Woods offers. They have a collection of Lap-PAKS which include the U.S Elections Lap-Pak which I am seriously considering for our home. 

Hands-On History Lap-Pak U.S. Elections

Timeline Collection

There is also a Timeline Collection that can be used in a timeline format, in notebooks, lap packs and more.

History through the Ages A Timeline figures

Project Passport World History Studies

Project Passport World History Studies is targets grades 3-8 and looks like a fascinating trip through 25 stops where you meet characters and explore cultures along your journey.

“ To prepare you for your journey, we have equipped you with a passport and luggage folder, which once made will take you through all the Project Passport studies to come!”

Project Passport from Home School in the Woods

The Time Traveler’s U.S. History Studies

The Time Traveler’s U.S. History Studies (Grades 3-8).  Seven Unit Studies that can be purchased as a bundle or individually and will take you through early U.S. Explorers through World War II.


The Home School in the Woods Time Traveler’s U.S. History Studies will take approximately 5-10 weeks each and have 25 lessons. Each unit is available in a downloadable format or a CD. 

The following units are available for purchase:

New World Explorers

Colonial Life

The American Revolution

The Early 19th Century

The Civil War

The Industrial Revolution through the Great Depression

World War II

I received The American Revolution which just happens to be my favorite period to study.

In addition, to the unit studies, you can purchase bundled sets or a la cart project. Make sure to visit their blog to find out more about the unit studies, bundles, and individual projects.


I love how the unit study is laid out. I downloaded the material and then immediately printed off the Lesson Plan Schedule.

Tips to getting started Home School in the Woods

For each lesson, there are Lesson Project Notes. I would advise printing those off. These notes take you step by step through the projects that will be worked on during that lesson.

George Washington versus King George

Furthermore, each lesson has Lesson Texts. This is what you will either read or your child will read. I printed these off, but you don’t have to. These lessons include penmanship, reading, art, and some even have cooking.

Boy cursive writing Home School in the Woods
William Bradford Founding Fathers
Mitchell Map boy coloring

How We Used Home School in the Woods

Our family worked on this together as a supplement to what they are already learning. This means that the 25 lessons will take us longer than 5-10 weeks. I also divided the components up into who would benefit from which activity.

My youngest son is autistic and does not understand history, but he loves to color and understands that the map above looks like the same map that he is used to seeing.

PROS to The Home School in the Woods

It is organized and takes you through the American Revolution. I loved the layout and how detailed the information is. Furthermore, the projects are cute and engaging. 

My husband loved putting together the Jamestown Fort. This is what he was made for. However, he was sad to know that I probably won’t keep it all the days of my life. Maybe I can find someone that will love our little village. We also loved how detailed the instructions were for projects like this.

Jamestown Fort Homeschool in the Woods
Jamestown Fort Model American Revolution

Things to Consider Before Using Home School in the Woods

Cost of printing and paper. If you have several children, the printables can get pricey.

If you are not a lap-book family, these probably are not the resources for you. However, the are well made and excellent resources for additional studies when you want something more than just a textbook approach.

Mayflower Compact Lapbook
American Government under the control of England

Overall Recommendations

I loved this product, however, this is not for every child. However, I do wish I would have considered this product before now.

I know that this format would not have worked with my oldest son, and that is probably why I never used lapbooks before. However, my second son and daughter would have benefited from this style of learning. You have to know your children and what they like and don’t like.

I do have plans to purchase the U.S Elections Lap-Pak that is designed for Grades 3-8. 

“ Introduce your child to the United States presidential elections process through hands-on activities! This Lap-Pak will take your child briefly through the establishment of the country’s government, and through the various aspects of a presidential campaign and how a U.S. president is chosen.”

Furthermore, I will also be trying out the Project Passport World History Studies in the upcoming school year!

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Home School in the Woods Collections - Lap-pak, Timeline Figures, History Studies & Activity-Pak {Home School in the Woods Reviews}

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