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Are the kids bored? Tired of doing the same type of worksheets over and over? Instead of worksheets, how about a fun scavenger hunt list? This is one with a catch.

The kids are home. If you hear, “I’m bored,” one more time, you may lose your mind. So, give them this scavenger hunt.

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The Scavenger Hunt List with a Twist

Why this scavenger hunt list is different – you are actually getting your kids to do work while they have fun. I am a firm believer in Mary Poppin’s motto: “In Every Job That Must Be Done, There is an Element of Fun.” So why not make cleaning up fun and challenging. Your kids may not even know you are getting them to clean.

Messy Room

Rules of the Fun Scavenger Hunt

You as the mom, set the point values for each item. For example: For each piece of paper/trash they pick up off the floor of the bedroom = 1 point, or 10 pieces of trash = 1 point.

Give each child a small basket for things that need to be returned to other rooms and a bag for trash.

Set a time limit.

The child with the most points at the end of the time limit wins! But we all know that you are the real winner because you got your kids to do chores without realizing it. And even if they do realize it, they will be having fun while doing them.

The list has lines to add in your own ideas: Feed the dog/pet. Take out the trash. Empty trash cans in the house. Sweep the family room. Make some chores higher point limits, but have a rule that only 1 person can do them.

If you have more than 2 children, have them work in teams.

Boys playing with toys


For younger children, work with them and have them find things from your list that are a certain color – pick up all items that are blue.

Fun Scavenger Hunt List

Download the Scavenger Hunt List for at Home Chores

Make sure to download this great scavenger hunt checklist and customized it to make it work for your family. For more scavenger hunt fun, download the mall scavenger hunt.

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  1. Indoor scavenger hunts are fun activities, perfect for rainy days or special holiday themes. Thanks for sharing!

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