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We tend to take so much for granted, including our sight and the country that we live in. This film inspires you to adjust your view of the world. In this SIGHT Christian Movie Review & Parent Guide, I give you the information you need before viewing this movie with your children.

This latest film from Angel Studios (the same studio that brought you The Shift, The Chosen, Cabrini, Sound of Freedom, and other faith-based films, once again brings an inspiring true story to the screen.

Dr. Ming Wang and Dr. Misha Bartnovsky in Sight

Sight Christian Movie Review

Studio Synopsis:

SIGHT, starring Greg Kinnear and Terry Chen, follows the inspiring true story of Ming Wang, an impoverished Chinese prodigy who flees Communist China to become a pioneering eye surgeon in America. When tasked with restoring the sight of an orphan who was blinded by her step mother, he must confront the trauma of living through the violent uprising in his youth, the Cultural Revolution.

My Synopsis:

Famous eye surgeon, Ming Wang, grapples with his past while trying to restore an orphan’s sight. This journey opens his eyes to profound truth.

SIGHT Christian Review – What Parents Want to Know


There is one use of d-mn.


In one of the most troubling scenes in the film, we see a woman pour a hot liquid into the eyes of a child. While most of this is off screen, we hear the little girl screaming. We later learn that the liquid was sulphuric acid, and this was done because the little girl could “earn” far more money on the streets as a blind beggar.

Additionally, a man has an accident at a factory and is seen by a doctor in his house. He is briefly shown with blood on his face, and later he is shown blind. 

Furthermore, a portion of this movie is set in China during the Cultural Revolution with activists shutting down schools, burning books, people beaten and bloodied, and the take people away who are never seen again. (The goal in this revolution was to purge capitalism from China and preserve communism). 

There are several violent scenes, and includes one where a man is beaten to death. 

The main character “sees” a person from his past in both his dreams, and while he is awake. At one point, he thinks he is going crazy.

A Chinese boy laying on the ground after being beaten

Spiritual Content:

A nun says, “God bless you” to a child. 

A person asks, “What happens when we die?” “Is it just darkness?” 

Additionally, there are scenes within a church, children praying, a nun praying with a rosary, phrases such as “I will be praying for you,” and more spiritual content.

While praying for a miracle for the girl who was blinded by acid, there are references toward “miracles.” However, when that miracle doesn’t come, a nun says, “Kajal is the miracle.”

At the end of the movie, the real Dr. Wang says, With God’s grace, he was emotionally and spiritually healed.

Other Content:

There are scenes where eye surgery is being performed. Nothing horrific is shown, but I mention it for those who are squeamish watching surgical procedures.

One man says, “I’m going to go flirt with my wife.”

In a lab, we see a “baby” preserved in liquid in a jar. Another scene shows rabbits being used for medical experiments.

In several scenes, people are shown drinking alcohol. 

Racist comments are made toward the main character when he comes to the United States.

Positive Content:

In spite of his personal circumstances, the main character works hard and preserveres in his effort to go to college and become a doctor. 

Several times we hear the phrase, “The past makes the present possible.” 

Teachable Moments from SIGHT:

SIGHT is a great movie for older children. 1) It is a movie based on actual experiences, 2) it shows the power of not giving up, and 3) it also shows how someone can be blind while still having their eyesight. 

This film embodies the verse, John 9:25 “One thing I know: that thought I was blind, now I see.” Dr. Ming’s journey to helping others see, gave him the sight he was missing in his own life. 

Young blind girl with older nun

Christian Review of SIGHT – My Viewing Recommendations

Overall, this is an excellent movie worthy of viewing, but also worthy of the PG-13 rating due to the violence and nature of the film. 

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About the Movie – SIGHT:

Rating: PG-23 for violence and thematic material

Release Date: May 24, 2024

Runtime: 1 hour, 40 minutes

Genre: Drama/Historical Biography

Studio: Open River Entertainment, Reserve Entertainment

Directed by: Andrew Hyatt

Based on the autobiography of Dr. Ming Wang, From Darkness to Sight.

Written by: Andrew Hyatt, John Duigan, Buzz McLaughlin

Produced by: Darren Moorman, David Fischer, Vicki Sotheran

Executive Producer: Dr. Ming Wang

Editor: Dan O’Brien

Music by: Sean Philip Johnson

Distributed by: Angel Studios

The Cast of SIGHT:

Terry Chen as Ming Wang

Greg Kinnear as Misha Bartnovsky

Fionnula Flannagan as Sister Marie

Ben Wang as Young Ming

Natasha Mumba as Ruth Tarik

Mia SwamiNathan as Kajal

Jayden Zhang as Ming Wang (age 6)

Raymond Ma as Zhensheng 

Donald Heng as Zhensheng (30s)

Wai Ching Ho as Alian

Leanne Wang as Alian (30s)

Sara Ye as Lilo

Garland Chang as Yu Wang

Natalie Skye as June Bartnovsky

Danni Wang as Anle

Ming Wang and Lili in the film, SIGHT.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where can I watch SIGHT?

SIGHT had its theatrical release on May 24, 2024.

Is there an end-credit scene for SIGHT?

Yes. At the end of the film, Dr. Ming Wang talks to the audience about his journey and the film.

Will SIGHT stream on Disney+? 

SIGHT will not be available to stream on Disney+. It is an Angel Studios production.

Will SIGHT stream on Peacock?

It is unlikely that SIGHT will stream on Peacock.

Where can I stream SIGHT?

When SIGHT becomes available for streaming, you can see it on Angel Studios paid site. Furthermore, it will eventually be available to rent on other sites such as Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube.

How do they get the amniotic membranes and placenta to use in eye surgeries?

These materials are obtained from consenting donors from full-term births.

Additional Information:

The Wang Foundation for Sight Restoration is a non-profit charity founded by Dr. Wang with all surgeries performed free of charge.

Dr. Wang’s patients include Dolly Parton, Charlie Daniels, Kenny Cheney, and Naomi Judd.

SIGHT Christian Movie Review

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