Reasons Not to See Moana

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My family went to see Moana. I came home conflicted. While I could list reasons to see this movie, I know that there are people who will object to it. However, I feel that this movie can be a springboard for so many conversations.

If you love everything Disney, chances are good that you will love this movie. But if you are on the fence about seeing it, hopefully I can give you enough information without spoilers so you can make the choice for your family.

SYNOPSIS: Moana is a film about a group of people who live on an island. They are happy being there, but Moana, daughter of the chieftain, feels like she is born with a call on her life. One day she will lead her people, but all she wants to do is explore the sea. When her island starts to die, Moana sets out on the ocean to save her people.


Do Not Take Your Child to see this movie if they are frightened of Lava Monsters, Giant Ugly Crabs, or Intense Action Scenes such as boats on the water during raging storms. (My age recommendation is 6 and up).

Do Not Take Your Child to see this movie if you are not ready to discuss demigods, other religions or reincarnation. This movie is based on mythology and religious beliefs of the people native to Polynesia. 

Do Not Take Your Child to see this movie if you don’t want your child to see independent, free-thinking, spirited children. Moana disobeys her father to save her people. In reality, many Disney movies show children disobeying their parents (Pocohantas, Ariel, Mulan).

Do Not Take Your Child to see this film if you are anti-stupid birds. Once again it seems that Disney selected a bird be the one to laugh at. (Remember the bird in Finding Dory?)

Do Not Take Your Child to see this film if you are against tattoos. There are plenty of tattoos in this film and they seem to have significance. Grandma’s tattoo is a stingray, and she believes that after she dies she will come back to life as a ray.

Do Not Take Your Child to see this film if you are opposed to movies that have inanimate objects move, dance, or talk. There are pirate coconuts with a fleet of ships, an entire island that is a Lava Monster, and the ocean itself moves, helps Moana, and has a mind of its own.

Do Not Take Your Child to see this film if you do not like Disney – it is a Disney movie.


DO go to see this movie if you want to see a visually stunning film. Once again Disney hits it out of the park. When I think films cannot get any better, Disney manages to push the envelope even further. WOW!

Do go to see this film if you want to hear some catchy music. I did not love all the music, but there are some great songs. This soundtrack will not rank up there with Beauty and the Beast in my opinion, but at least two songs keep playing through my mind.

Do Go to see this film if you want to expand your horizons and learn about other cultures. This is an excellent film to discuss religions, reincarnation and other cultures and their beliefs. Disney actually based this movie on the Polynesian islands and their beliefs regarding the demigod of Polynesia – Maui. Moana means ocean. And there is plenty of other information to teach your child. 

If you see Moana, let me know what you think!

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11 thoughts on “Reasons Not to See Moana”

  1. Thank you! I appreciate your comments. As a Christian parent I try to "preview" as much as possible, but sometimes they see things and we address the issues after the fact.

  2. I think that addressing the issues in a movie is one of the most important thing as a Christian parent. I try to give an unbiased review.

  3. Very interesting! I like your honesty and how it's so important for parents to know what they're are getting into when going to see a movie- as you mentioned some may just not be ready to have certain conversations with their kids about these types of topics. Even when it comes to books that are read to them, good to really know it in and out before presenting it to your child. Great read, thank you!

  4. Wonderful review! DD7 did a self-directed study (she was then six) last summer on Greek gods and how they basically ripped off the qualities of God. She then proceeded to educate DD4 (then three) on how when God says have no false idols in the Ten Commandments, he's talking about all those other gods you might read about or see. We have family discussions on different religions and beliefs, and why as bible-believing Christians, we don't follow those beliefs.

    Thank you for the detailed review. Now I can address those issues independently before seeing the movie.

  5. Great review! I didn't know anything about it. We are Disney freaks, but I don't think we'd see it. My 7 year old would prob be fine, but I'd rather not expose the 4 year old to those topics you mentioned. We'll pass. Thanks so much for the info!

  6. Thank you for your comment. I tried to be respectful to both the people who object to these things and the people who have no problem. As my children are a little older, these things can be helpful teaching tools to the world that we live in. It certainly expanded my horizons as I researched for this review.

  7. Amy Ledesma

    Thank You for your honest commentary.We will not be seeing this movie as I do not like several of the thngs you mentioned like demigods,reincarnation and disobeying your parents.

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