Making Weekday Cooking a Little Bit Easier

How annoying do you find preparing meals on a daily basis? Maybe you’ve got a whole family to cook for. This means spending a good two to three hours in the kitchen. Or maybe you just need to cook for yourself. But often enough, you really don’t find the ordeal worth your time. Either way, sometimes meal making gets on your nerves, and you’d love some ways to make it easier! Enter Meal Prep made easy.

Well thankfully, that’s what this post is here to do. There are some bonafide ways to keep your cooking time to the minimum, and your eating time to the maximum – here’s just a few of the best.

Subscription food plans

The recipe’s open on your tablet, and the oven is preheating, but you’re already exhausted! (Source)

Get a Subscription Box – Meal Prep is taken care of

Food subscriptions are super helpful, especially if you’re looking to try out new foods in your culinary slump. You can pick and choose the meals you want to cook up, and then the company sends out the recipes and the ingredients to you to make sure you spend as little time in the kitchen as possible. After all, even shopping for the right foods is a huge drag!

Make sure you join up to the subscription that suits you and your tastebuds. Be sure to read up on services like Hello Fresh Meal Kits to see if they’re worth your time. Not all food services are created equal, and you’re going to want one that’s good value for the money you’re putting in and has the right kind of recipes for you to follow.

Stock Your Cupboards Properly

And by properly, we mean you should have some basic and versatile ingredients always on hand! Buy some chicken and stick it in the freezer. Make sure you’ve got some bags of pasta or rice in the cupboard at all times. Have a fully stocked spice shelf on the side in front of you. Have some tinned vegetables on hand as well. Get those bagged mixes if you prefer to fry some delicious veggies up. It’ll make your time in the kitchen a lot easier to get through!

Meal Preparation - Making Weekdays easier

Cook in Batches

Batch cooking is great for those of us with little time or energy to spend in the kitchen, seeing as you still need to eat every day! When the inspiration to cook takes you, make sure you do more than just one meal for yourself. Cook up some extra, or a lot extra, and then stick all the excess in either the fridge or the freezer to be used later.

After all, food is very easily thawed out and reheated, and you can eat well for days in a row based on the effort you put in in the here and now. There are even some great recipes out there for batch cooking efforts alone.

Don’t worry, weekday cooking is something we all get tired of from time to time, so make sure you’re making the hefty task easier for yourself!

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Meal Prep made easy


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