When it comes to the strangest of times you may ever have seen, it’s possibly safe to say that 2022 has really taken the prize for the oddest year to date. In fact, with everything that is going on, there is a lot of uncertainty financially for the vast majority of the world. Right now, being frugal is more necessary than ever before.

While it may not seem like it at the moment, 2022, and the problems we are facing at the moment don’t have to spell the disaster for you. You may have the feeling of impending disaster. But in fact, if you are smart, there are a few things you can do right now that will help you move forward.

Being Money Savvy in 2022

In this post, we are going to look at why the disaster that is 2022 can teach us a lesson when it comes to being a little savvier with our money. Furthermore, I am going to have you take a look at some things that can be done now that will really save you some money further on down the road.

Now, the things I am talking about today may seem trivial. But believe me when I say, if you enact a few of these tips, you may find that moving forward, you have more cash than ever before.

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To Save Money in the Future, Buy Now

Ok, so I realize that this first tip doesn’t look like it’s really being money savvy. Additionally, it appears to go against everything common wisdom has told you. But stick with me; there is a method to this the madness.

First, it is important to realize, at the moment, there are items that companies cannot sell, and when items don’t sell, the price gets reduced. Now, while it may seem a little crazy, maybe now is the time to start doing as much of your Christmas or gift shopping as possible.

Yes, you may be thinking that the outlay will be large, but at the same time, you will find that you are saving almost 30% on things you will buy later in the year. 

If you really want to go all out, you could also look at getting your Christmas decorations early. We understand that it’s quite early to be thinking about Christmas, but by the time it comes around, you will have saved enough to treat yourself to your dream tree like the ones you can see in these Balsam Hill reviews.

Maintain Your Frugal Living

One place that you have been saving over the last couple of months may be on your food bill. Eating out adds a lot of money to your budget. During quarantine, you may have saved money. When everything opens back up, consider eating at home more.

Additionally, learning how to use leftovers is important. You may be shocked by how much waste occurs when it comes to leftovers. Shockingly, the average US household wastes around 60% of the food they buy on a monthly basis.

It seems though that with the current crisis, eating out cost has dropped exponentially, and US households are shopping more sensibly. If you haven’t been watching prices, maybe it could be worth it to look a little closer at your grocery spending and see if you can reduce your costs. 

Additional Ways to Exercise Your Money Savvy

Saving Money on the Salon/Spa

Right now, most salons and spas are currently closed. Most likely you have been doing your own hair or finding unique ways to keep yourself looking half-way presentable. When the salons and spas open back up, consider stretching the time between visits to save yourself some extra money.

If you normally have your hair done every 6 weeks stretch it to every 10 weeks. This will save you 3 visits a year. At my salon, this will save me $180/year. Consider painting your own nails. Tip: Wear gloves while cleaning to keep your nails looking great.

Sports, Kid’s Activities and More

Right now with all the sports and kids activities being cancelled, you are saving money. But to be really money savvy, consider having some heart to heart talks with your children about the sports and activities they are involved in. You may find that they enjoy the time without those activities, and moving forward you will be able to cut those expenses.

Saving Money at Christmas

Saving money and staying on a budget is essential at times of the year when you will be tempted to overspend. Christmas and special events can easily wreck your budget. There are plenty of tips to save money over the holidays. Do not shop with credit cards. Only bring the cash you intend to spend. For more Christmas saving tips, visit 7 Tips to Avoid Overspending at Christmas.

For more money-saving tips, Check Out Saving Money for Disney. While you may not be going to Disney anytime soon. these saving techniques can work for many different scenarios.

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