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I haven’t looked a Homeschool Kindergarten curriculum in a long time. When I had the opportunity to review BJU Press Focus on Fives curriculum, I jumped at the chance. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to use it with my granddaughter, Audrey. She is a bright and energetic soul and eager to learn.

However, by the time I received the package that contained this homeschool kindergarten set, the state of Ohio was already under a stay-at-home order. This meant that I would get to do any of the schooling with her. However, her mom would do the work and send photos.

Homeschool Kindergarten Review


So you are ready to choose a homeschool kindergarten curriculum. There are many things to consider, but the most important thing is to just relax and have fun with your child. Can BJU Press Focus on Fives deliver fun, learning, and a relaxed home environment?

Homeschool Kindergarten Focus on Fives Components

BJU Focus on Fives is an activity-based program that will give your child an introduction to science, social studies, handwriting, phonics, and reading. The kit includes the following:

Teacher’s Edition Books – there are 6 volumes which is a lot to take in at first, but these books include everything for the teacher/homeschool mom in one place.

Focus on Fives Books from BJU Press

A Student Worktext – fun, colorful and engaging worksheets

34 Reading Books – These are short, paper books.

Phonics Practice Book

Focus on Fives Workbooks for kindergarten

Phonics Charts


Phonics Review Cards

Handwriting Activity Sheets

What We Loved About BJU Press Focus on Fives

This is a near-complete curriculum for homeschooling kindergarten. Just add math and you will be set for the entire year.

Additionally, there are fun and engaging activities to keep all children challenged and learning. My granddaughter loves the colorful worksheets, but this is not just a worksheet based curriculum. There are plenty of activities to keep even the wiggliest child happy and learning.

Girl learning about her family

Includes plenty of extra ideas – arts and crafts from simple materials, Bible Connection, Suggested Books for Story Time, Songs, and Motor Skills. Furthermore, it includes an introduction to skills such as reading a map, cutting, pasting, and more.

Map from BJU Press Focus on Fives

The extra materials that you need are easy to substitute if you don’t have something on hand. Paint was substituted for cellophane colored sheets to teach about mixing colors. Marbles were used instead of beans, and strips of colored paper were substituted for streamers.

Girl coloring strips of paper the colors of the rainbow
Art project with clouds and rainbow

If something doesn’t work for you, it is easy to modify without losing the integrity of the program. My granddaughter does not like the Hopscotch and Hopper puppets, but they do not have to be used to get the full benefit of Focus on Fives.

girl sorting marbles for school

Additional Thoughts on Focus on Fives

There are lessons for all the major holidays plus most of the secondary ones too. For example: there are lessons for Labor Day, Columbus Day, Valentine’s Day, Groundhog Day, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, and More. But it doesn’t stop there. Focus on Fives has plenty of comprehension questions that will ensure your child understands the material.

Girl Handwriting

What I Would Change

I honestly wish there was a way to reduce the Teacher’s Manuals or to have them available online. Furthermore, it is obvious that the manuals were designed for a school setting. While the curriculum works great for homeschoolers, it may take some getting used to for the “new to homeschooling” mom.

Girl gluing schoolwork
girl working on cutting skills
Girl coloring primary colors

My Recommendation: Homeschool Curriculum – BJU Press Focus on Fives

I can definitely recommend BJU Press Focus on Fives as a Kindergarten Homeschool curriculum. It is easy to follow, engaging, and is an almost complete curriculum. Just add math and you are set for the year.

Additionally, I really like the scope of the activities, and the ease at performing the extended activities. Another important point, is that this curriculum will have your child reading and ready for first grade.

Finally, BJU Press Focus on Fives delivers fun and learning in your home! This will ensure you are relaxed and comfortable, and this will bake sure your child is an eager learner.

For other ideas of how to use BJU Press Focus on Fives, VISIT the Crew Blog (via the big banner below). Additional awesome bloggers have left you reviews for this Homeschool Kindergarten Curriculum.

BJU Press Focus on Fives {BJU Press Homeschool Reviews}

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