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Have you ever looked at a dollar bill and wondered what the meaning was of the strange symbols found there? Maybe you have heard stories of the Illuminati and the founding father’s sending strange messages about what they believed. Or if you are like most of us, you didn’t even give it much thought. But there comes a time when it becomes necessary to learn our history, and that time is now. However, there are ways to make history exciting. The latest book I am reading, The Hidden Message of the Great Seal: How Foundational Truth from the Dawn of Liberty May Rescue a Republic in Peril by Michael Kanis is a great read. What is this book about? And why should you read it?

On July 4, 1776, our founders called upon three men to create a seal for the nation they were forging. What was the significance of this event? Does this act show the importance of the Great Seal of the United States had to our founding fathers? 

The Great Seal American History

I Hated All History

Before, you begin with excuses not to read this book, let me tell you about my absolute hatred for history which began in grade school and was firmly cemented in place during my freshman year. The teacher I had made things unbearable for many of the girls in the class. Coming into a hostile environment with little knowledge of the subject matter, set me up for failure. While my grades were decent, I only learned information for a test and it was quickly forgotten after that.

Fast forward to my junior year where I began to develop an appreciation for the people in history. Dates and battles were dry and boring. However, through the expert storytelling of my American History teacher, I got a small glimpse into the people behind the dates and events. I began to fall in love with the time period of the American Revolution and all the characters who were instrumental in the founding of our great country.

Even as an adult, I still never picked up a history book outside of school, and I was embarrassed to play Trivial Pursuit with anyone who had even a grade-school understanding of history. My history knowledge was lacking, and I felt I was destined to stay that way.

Flag of the United States 1777

Homeschooling Changes Everything About American History

As I began to homeschool and teach my own children, I used living books, historical fiction, and trips to historical sites, instead of textbooks to teach. This opened up a new world for me and gave me a greater love of our country and the people who made our freedom possible.

I tell you all of this, as a homeschool mom, so you can learn from my experiences and mistakes. The keys to teaching children history are to inspire and excite your children into wanting to learn more. That is what my 11th-grade history teacher tried to do for me, and that is what you are capable of doing for your children.

Front Cover the The Hidden Message of the Great Seal by Michael Kanis

The Hidden Message of the Great Seal

When I had the opportunity to read about the history of the Great Seal of the United States, I was reluctant, however, since I now have a love affair with the time period presented in this book, I knew I would learn and pick up nuggets of truths.

Wow, what I didn’t expect was such a great resource for teaching young and old. I read The Hidden Message of the Great Seal: How Foundational Truths from the dawn of Liberty May Rescue a Republic in Peril myself – this is what I usually do with books before handing them off to my children to read. 

While I have gained a greater understanding of the lives of secondary players in the founding of our country, this book has also answered questions I had about our founders and the meaning behind the Great Seal of the United States. In the pages of this book, the author “presents the history and description of the seal and its elements as a means to bring to light the profound message of the seal.”

USA Emblem Back of a dollar bill
Front of the seal of the United States

What The Hidden Message of the Great Seal Covers

More than just a logo for our nation, the seal is an expression of our identity as a people. This book looks at the Great Seal from many different angles. Who designed it? What is the significance of the symbols selected? What are the words and the meaning behind those Latin words? Additionally it covers a wide range of topics including the following: 

The History of the Great Seal

The Significance of the Seal and the Role of Providence in it

A Study of the Seal

Charles Thomson and Francis Hopkinson – Two of the Designers of the Seal

The Pyramid and The Eye

The Latin Phrases Annuit Coeptis, Novus Ordo Secorulum and E Pluribus Unum

The Early Designs 

The Covenant

The Front of the Seal

The Four Pillars

And so much more

Draft and final renditions of the Great Seal of the USA

What Can You Expect from The Hidden Message of the Great Seal

You will gain a greater understanding of the sacrifice and dedication to the founding of our nation. Additionally, you will be able to teach your children from a place of truth instead of from half-truths and outright lies. Everything good in our world has been taken by the great deceiver and twisted and counterfeited until we are convinced that our founders were involved in cults and sinister plots.

You will learn the truth behind our Great Seal, but you will also learn the truth about what was important to our Founding Fathers through the expert storytelling of Michael Kanis.

About The Author: Michael Kanis

Michael Kanis is a businessperson by trade. He has a BA in business and an MBA in finance and operations. Additionally, he has traveled globally and interacts with people from all walks of life. Kanis is a man of God who believes the role of Christ-followers is to testify to the light. Through his company, The Hidden Message, LLC., he has written The Hidden Message of the Great Seal. This book is dedicated first to his wife and sons who sacrificed so it could come to fruition. Kanis has made it his mission to ensure that this work goes beyond the message of the seal. The message is part of it, but it is only the beginning as we advance the Gospel of Christ.

Declaration of Independence painting

Why Should You Read The Hidden Message of the Great Seal

“When we are planning for posterity, we ought to remember that virtue is not hereditary.” – Thomas Paine, Common Sense, 1776

Do you love liberty? Do you want to spread the Gospel? Some people erroneously think that our country was never a Christian nation. Others believe that it doesn’t matter if we were a Christian nation or not. However, please understand why those lies are being spread. You owe it to yourself and your children to seek out truth and to spread that truth.

Our founders not only loved liberty, they also cared about future generations. They weren’t just fighting for themselves. They fought for us and our children’s children. 

Until we know our history, and until we can understand how Satan works to destroy good, we will not be able to teach our own children truth. Looking at the photo below, you will see that there are men who you don’t know. Why do we not know these men? Was it because their contributions weren’t great? Or because we haven’t taken the time to truly know our history? Through this book you will come to understand and love the deep, rich history of the Great Seal, but also the sacrifice and fortitude of the men who made it possible.

This book will bring you “foundational truth from the dawn of Liberty” and allow you to speak truth, spread that truth, and save our great country from the clutches of Satan who so desperately wants to destroy freedom, liberty, and the spread of the Gospel of Christ. 

E Pluribus Unum and the meaning

How to Use The Hidden Message of the Great Seal

This book is a great supplement to your American History studies. I will have my oldest son read it for high school in American History. For my younger autistic son, I have given him a dollar bill and we are working through the symbols and messages of those symbols. This is not just a book to hand to your child. It is imperative that you read this for yourself and learn the hidden messages of our seal!


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