Are you looking to make some extra money working from home? Do you have a computer and know how to type? Right now, it seems like everyone can use a little extra money, and if you are looking to pick up some extra work, work from home jobs are in demand.

Types of Work From Home Jobs

There are so many work from home jobs. Years ago, as I was looking to work from home, it was a lot harder. It seemed there was only watching other people’s children or pets, baking, or taking in laundry. Today there are so many more jobs available to work from home.

Just off the top of my head, the following jobs are great work from home jobs. Blogging – it does take time and effort to get to the point of making money. Taking photographs for other bloggers – Requires a professional camera, professional lights, and editing software. Furthermore, you need extensive knowledge of lighting and camera settings. Survey taking – not a lot of knowledge is needed, but the pay is low and many of the survey companies are not legitimate.

More Work From Home Jobs:

Travel Agent – Be aware that you won’t get paid until after the trip has been taken. Many people book trips months or even a year or more in advance.

Virtual Assistant – Hours are usually not consistent. You work when you are needed.

Social Media Manager – not a physically demanding job, but many times it is a mentally draining position. Furthermore, this creative position means you are tossing and turning in bed trying to come up with the latest and greatest in the ever changing world of social media.

One job that is quite easy to do at home is a transcriptionist. I actually worked as a transcriptionist in the medical field for many years. It actually is great work and the pay was good. 

What does a Medical Transcriptionist Do?

When a doctor or another medical professional sees a patient or a patient’s medical tests, they will record their findings (diagnosis) by creating an audio file. A Medical Transcriptionist then takes that audio file and types them up into digital files. Simply put – you listen and type what you hear.

Medical Transcription Jobs are in High Demand

The medical field is a stable field to be in. There are never shortages of jobs when you work in the medical industry. People always get sick, doctors always need help, and with the growing demand of busy doctor practices, most doctors have outsourced their medical transcription to companies such as iMedX.

PROS to Transcription Work From Home Jobs

Always Jobs Available

Good Pay

Flexible Hours

Great Work Environment (from home)

No dress code

Saving money on items such as clothes, auto insurance, eating out, gas, wear and tear on tires.

More time – the 40 minutes I used to spend each day commuting is now my own time.

Reduced Stress – the commute and the traffic can cause unnecessary stress in one’s life. Additionally trying to navigate to work during a snowstorm is nerve wracking.

Cons to Transcription Work From Home Jobs

There are very few downsides to this job, but you do need some knowledge of medical terminology.

Distractions at Home – Some people find they need a boss to keep them productive.

If you are an extrovert, working from home can be lonely.

As a independent contractor, you need to have your own computer and equipment.

Those 40 minutes I used to spend commuting gave me a time to decompress and listen to the music I liked. Now I have to carve out time for myself or it just doesn’t happen.

After typing 100 words per minute for 15 years, my wrists decided that they had enough. This is work hazard for any job that you do repetitively for a long period of time. While not everyone will experience these symptoms, my family does have a high incidence of arthritis. I basically was destined to have joint problems!

Can You Do the Job of a Medical Transcriptionist?

Answer the following questions: Can you listen to audio and type up what you hear? Do you have good editing skills – the ability to read your own words and find mistakes? Do you enjoy working from home? Do you like the medical field? If you have answered yes to these questions, you may have what it takes to be a Medical Transcriptionist.

Where can you find out more?

If you want to find out more information about medical transcription jobs and what it entails visit iMedX for information about the latest jobs they have available, and make sure to check out their transcriptionist jobs.

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