Selecting the right car for your family

Any mom will agree purchasing a family car is a complex process that requires careful planning. This Mother’s Guide to Choosing a New Family Car will help you with that process.

After all, you want a reliable vehicle for going to after-school activities, dentist appointments, and play dates. So, how do you choose the right set of wheels for your family? Of course, you’ll want to factor in the cost of owning a car, which, according to an article on Kiplinger, entails much more than the marked price. Besides the cost of automobiles, there are other factors a mother should consider when choosing between family vehicles. Whether you’re looking for a vehicle that makes drives to the grocery store and school convenient or car trips with the kids fun, below are tips to help you make informed decisions. This article will explore considerations such as safety, family lifestyle, and practicality. 

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A Mother’s Guide to Choosing the Right Family Car:

Think About Your Family’s Lifestyle

First, consider how far and often you drive. Do you go for long trips or short drives around town? If you go on road trips with the kids often or run errands daily, you’ll need a fuel-efficient vehicle that ensures you make the most of each gas fill-up. Such automobiles have innovative tech that saves fuel, like direct injection, start/stop systems, low-rolling-resistance tires, and turbocharged engines. If you enjoy off-road driving as part of your adventure travel, your ideal car is one that guarantees traction and maneuverability on rough terrain. Equally important, factor in the luggage you pack when driving. For example, if you are an active family, you probably bring with you your favorite sports gear on a road trip. So, choose a vehicle with enough storage or one that allows you to add extra frames to support bulky sport equipment like bicycles or surfboards. 

Safety Features

Nothing is more important to a parent than keeping their family safe while on the road. So, before driving a car out of the showroom, check its safety ratings. Does it have high ratings on safety based on comprehensive crash tests carried out by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) or other independent organization?

Vehicles, be it SUVs, minivans, or midsize trucks with higher safety ratings, make you feel secure when enjoying a ride with your loved ones. The presence of advanced car safety features in top-rated models is another clue that your desired vehicle is safe. Therefore, inspect various cars at the lot to see if they feature advanced stability control systems to prevent the wheels from spinning when cornering.

Check for anti-lock brakes that reduce skidding when you brake abruptly and lane departure warning systems which alert you in case you drift into another lane. You will also need the basic safety elements such as child car seats, airbags, seat belts or restraints, a rear-view camera, and automatic child locks. 

Practicality Matters

You’re probably wondering what makes vehicles practical? Think about it this way- you have five in a family. What car would best suit you and your loved ones? Obviously, you would go for a 5-seater.

But what if you have a growing family or a pet that tags along with you for road trips or vet appointments? You will want a car with extra seats and space for your pet. An automobile with three rows of seats will be a perfect fit because they are spacious.

Since you’ll be traveling with kids often, they need features that make their life on the road easy. Imagine having a car with vent controls and inbuilt window shades that enhance comfort for kids while they take naps during long drives. How about a car with entertainment features like a DVD player, Apple Carplay or Android Auto? Wouldn’t these extras make traveling with kids fun and memorable? 

True, car selections are not an easy feat for any mother. But the process doesn’t have to feel like torture when you know what to look for. To begin with, evaluate your family’s traveling history. Places you travel to, how far you drive, and what you and the kids pack in the car. Next, prioritize safety by reviewing safety ratings and hi-tech safety features like lane departure warning systems and anti-lock brakes.

Your automobile should also be practical in terms of space, comfort, and entertainment to make drives with family members fun. We hope that this Mother’s Guide to Choosing a New Family Car was helpful to you. Comment Below with any additional tips you might have.

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