Is this Mighty Force of Nature Suitable for Children?

One of the most famous tornado scenes is in the opening of the Wizard of Oz. Dorothy doesn’t make it to the storm cellar and hits her head. She is transported to the land of Oz. But alls well that ends well in that film. However, while Twister may share some similarities with The Wizard of Oz, this thriller is far more intense. With Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton, this film takes us on a thrilling chase through tornado-ravaged countryside. It’s not just a story about storm chasers; it’s a tale of love, loss, and reconnecting with what matters most.  While there’s something undeniably captivating about watching this whirlwind adventure, is it suitable for children? In this Twister Christian Movie Review, I will answer that question. Furthermore, I will tell you what content that may be objectionable to your family.  

With the advent of a sequel entitled Twisters, set to release in the summer of 2024, and society’s obsession with disasters, it’s clear why Twister has seen a recent surge in nostalgia.

Key Takeaways:

  • Classic Disaster Movie:Twister remains a beloved ’90s disaster movie, offering a mix of adrenaline-pumping action and heartfelt moments. 
  • Special Effects: The film’s special effects have stood the test of time, adding to its enduring appeal for both new and nostalgic viewers. 
  • Family Movie Night: With its exciting yet touching story, Twister continues to be a fan’s pick for family movie nights, bridging generations. However, it may not be suitable for all families.
Couple Outside in the pouring rain holding rain jackets over their heads from the movie Twister

Twister Christian Movie Review

Studio Synopsis:

Directed by Jan de Bont, this 1996 edge-of-your-seat thriller sweeps Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton into the eye of one of the most powerful storms ever depicted on film. An estranged couple, Dr. Jo Harding (Hunt) and Bill Harding (Paxton), reunites to deploy “Dorothy,” a cutting-edge tornado research device, in a race against nature. This high-stakes adventure blends breathtaking visuals with a tale of reunion and resilience to create a cinematic experience not to be missed.

My Synopsis:

The movie begins with a twister barreling down on a farmhouse. A man, his wife, and daughter run across the yard to get to the storm cellar. The F5 storm rips the door of the storm cellar off its hinges. And the young girl watches her father get swept away. 

Years later, when Bill Harding seeks out his estranged wife, Dr. Jo Harding, to have her finalize divorce papers, he brings his fiance, Melissa, along. But they arrive in the Oklahoma town during heavy tornado season, and Jo and Bill are caught up in their lifelong dream of tracking tornados in an effort to gain important data to help predict future tornados. 

Christian Movie Review of Twister – What Parents Want to Know


This film has extensive use of taking God’s name in vain and includes Jesus, J-sus Chr-st, mother of g-d, oh g-d, oh chr-st, and Oh my g-d, as well as g-d d-mn. Additionally, the use of foul language is excessive and includes b-tch and son-of-a…, d-mn, h-ll, sh-t, and bullsh-t. Finally, there is some other crude language and it includes talk about a man being “butt-naked,” “What a weiner,” and someone says, “She did not marry your penis.” Finally, one of the tornado chasers discusses the tornado “suck zone” in terms that can be construed to be sexual in nature.


The violence in this film is due to tornado-related activity and includes a man being killed in a tornado as a little girl watches. There are plenty of overturned vehicles, cows flying through the air, vehicles blowing up, buildings being destroyed. Additionally, a man is hit in the head by a flying hubcap, and a woman is injured and trapped under debris.

In one scene, two people are chasing a tornado, and the driver gets impaled by flying debris. It is not shown close-up, but you know what has happened. Then the entire vehicle gets swept up and sent flying. It explodes when iti hits the ground. Again, nothing is shown bodywise, but the viewer knows what has happened.

Other Content:

The topic of a person’s past is discussed. They were “drunk and naked.” There is a heavy emphasis on the naked part.

One of the central storylines features a couple in the midst of a divorce. The husband is currently engaged to another woman.

Furthermore, a drive-in movie scene depicts clips from The Shining, including the scene with the twin girls at the end of the hallway and when Jack Nicholson’s character uses an axe to chop down the door.

Additionally, one character is a reproductive therapist who receives phone calls from clients.

A couple kisses passionately with people looking on. 

Why Some Families View This Film as a Must-Watch

Twister is that rare gem in disaster movies that brilliantly balances the thrill of chasing funnel clouds with the heartwarming tales of its characters, like the meteorologist Bill Harding and his storm chaser wife, Dr. Jo Harding. Together, they embark on a whirlwind journey to confront their unresolved feelings amidst the chaos of tornadoes.

It’s a love story set against an intense depictionn of very bad weather, making it a compelling watch for families with older children. The special effects, a marvel of their time, stand up to today’s standards, immersing viewers into the eye of the storm without ever leaving their living room. From the opening scene along a dirt road in a small town to the dramatic climax near a drive-in movie theater, Twister brings together action, science, and a touch of romance, all while keeping you on the edge of your seat.

Twister Christian Movie Review – Parental Guidance Suggested

When steering our little ones through the vast selection of family movies, Twister sweeps in as a thrilling ride through intense encounters and dramatic weather phenomena. But here’s where we might need to pump the brakes. The movie’s intense depiction of very bad weather, including funnel clouds and the infamous “finger of God,” could very well scare younger audiences. The opening scene is not just a casual stroll down a dirt road but a heart-pounding introduction to what’s ahead. Exercise extreme caution when allowing your children to see those intense storm scenes, 

Be aware, that the whirlwind of emotions doesn’t end there. The loss of structures to the storm’s wrath brings a realism that might be too much for sensitive viewers. And while Twister captivates adults, in addition to the extreme weather, there is just too much foul language for many Christian families.

Remembering Bill Paxton

As we whirl through Twister, it’s impossible not to pause and remember the late Bill Paxton. His portrayal as meteorologist Bill Harding brought an authenticity and depth that went beyond just chasing tornadoes.

I can’t help but reflect on how Paxton’s performance, brimming with dedication and passion, made us feel like we were in the action. While his character’s journey is filled with intense scenes, from the dirt roads of a small town to the roofs of structures caught in the tornado’s path, this made us feel that he was relatable. Furthermore, Paxton’s connection with co-stars, like Helen Hunt as Dr. Jo Harding, and the rivalry with Cary Elwes’ character, Dr. Jonas Miller, added layers to the story that are unforgettable. The loss of Paxton adds a bittersweet twist when revisitingTwister. However, his legacy continues to bring joy and excitement to viewers, bridging the gap between generations and keeping the spirit of adventure alive in our hearts. 

Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton in the movie Twister

A Nostalgic Journey: Final Thoughts

Years ago, when I first encountered Twister, I opted not to watch it. I watch very few PG-13 films. However, the film, celebrated for its intense depiction of very bad weather and nail-biting storm scenes, became an instant classic. It blends action with a touch of romance under the looming specter of the unpredictable Finger of God. 

As we look back, it’s not just the remarkable special effects or the thrill of the tornado chase that makes Twister enticing to viewers, but it’s the deep, human elements that resonate with us all. For families with older children, it presents an opportunity to explore themes of courage, teamwork, and perseverance against the backdrop of meteorologist Bill Harding and Dr. Jo Harding’s stormy yet passionate relationship. Yet, parents should exercise discretion, remembering that the intense encounters with funnel clouds might be scary for the little viewer’s eyes. 

Finally, this film was written by Michael Crichton, writer of Jurassic Park. It is a well-written film and really has some of the same emotional rhythm and non-stop action as seen in the Jurassic Park films.

About the Movie: Twister 1996

Rating: PG-13 for profanity, intense depiction of very bad weather

Release Date: May 10, 1996

Runtime:1 hour, 53 minutes

Genre: Disaster/Thriller

Studio: Warner Bros, Amblin Entertainment

Directed by: Jan de Bont

Written by: Michael Crichton, Anne-Marie Martin

Produced by: Ian Bryce, Michael Crichton, Kathleen Kennedy

Edited by: Michael Kahn

Music: Mark Mancina

Distributed by: Warner Bros., Universal Pictures

The Cast of Twister

Helen Hunt stars as Jo Harding

Alexa Vega plays a Young Jo

Bill Paxton stars as Bill Harding

Cary Elwes as Dr Jonas Miller

Jamie Gertz as Dr. Jamie Gertz. Melissa Reeves

Lois Smith as Aunt Meg

Alan Ruck as Rabbit

Philip Seymour Hoffman as Dusty Davies

Jeremy Davies as Laurence

Todd Field as Beltzer

Zach Grenier as Eddie

Nicholas Sadler as Kubrick

Abraham Benrubi as Bubba

Jake Busey as a mobile lab technician

Scott Thomson as Preacher

Sean Whalen as Sanders

Joey Slotnick as Joy

Wendle Josepher as Haynes

Twister poster

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