Super Ways to Keep Your Kids Busy

Kids have an active, rapid imagination that needs constant stimulation. Many parents complain about never having enough options to keep their kids busy. Most children say at one time or another, “I’m bored.” Here are great ways to keep them happily occupied for at least a couple of hours. 

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Should You Use Screen Time to Keep Kids Busy?

Too often it is easier to allow them to just use screen time to occupy them. And many of us all into that trap too often. This doesn’t mean that screen time is a bad thing. There are plenty of educational apps and games out there, which can be beneficial to learning and fun at the same time. However, parents need to be super careful with what websites your children are visiting. Parental control, whether it is for television viewing or internet browsing, is necessary. It is so important for parents to see that their kids are on kid-friendly websites, even if they are playing games.

Too often predators hang-out on kids websites and games, or “sick people” insert graphic images, inappropriate comments, or other items that you don’t want you kids exposed to, in Youtube videos or on websites. You can never exercise too much caution when it comes to your children’s safety and the internet.

Our family has chosen to limit exposure when our children were young, and gradually increase their screen time as they age. In fact, our children do not/did not have cell phones until between the ages of 16-18. We are considered radical by many, but young children can quickly become addicted to games and social media.

The Benefits of Play and Keeping Kids Busy

If you consider your child to be a little too young to be introduced to the world of the internet, there are still many options you have at your disposal to keep them entertained which have nothing to do with the online world.

Children and their toys are often inseparable. To make their playtime even more beneficial for them, you can get some educational wooden toys for them. From improving their eye-hand coordination to fine-tuning their motor skills, these toys will allow your children to have fun and learn all at the same time. There are several online stores that you can visit and order a few for your kids.

Play Beyond the World of Toys

Some parents do not realize that handing out a toy to your child every time they want some attention is not always a healthy thing to do. In fact, many parenting experts stress how parents need to spend more time together as family, foster bonds, and make more memories. For this purpose, clear up some schedule for your child to spend some real-time interacting with them.

Ideas that Keep Your Kids Busy and Engaged with You:

Read them a good book. Most experts stress the benefits of reading to all ages.

Have them help you bake cookies or assist in the kitchen

Tke them out for a picnic to get some fresh air

Make sure to have dinner together often. Make dinner, clean up and interact together

Have dance parties – get yourself and your kids moving

Board games are super fun

Build forts out of blankets and chairs

Have a family movie night

You could look at local attractions in the area: a fun museum, the zoo, or even just the park. You can find plenty of things to do in your local area by checking with your local tourist board or online Facebook Groups. There are a wide range of free activities for families. Do not underestimate the power of simple pleasures for children. They are just happy that the people that they love the most are spending time with them. 

Additional Ways to Keep Your Kids Busy

You can also spend some coming up with fun arts and crafts ideas which you can do together. These DIY activities will not only help the hours go that much faster, but it will also help your kids in building their sense of achievement. If you do not believe us, notice a 4-year-old boasting to the world about the necklace they just finished stringing together on their own. Fall is a great time to do some crafts thanks to the abundance of natural art materials such as pine cones and beautifully colored leaves. These all make wonderful additions to your craft box.

Furthermore, there are plenty of hands-on activities that you can have prepared to pull out just for times when you are busy, and they need something to do. Having a well-supplied arsenal at your fingertips is a good plan for all parents.

Entertaining your children does not have to be expensive or fancy – just a few simple resources and a bit of time, and they will be happy for hours! 

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