This page has Amazon affiliate links. The following lessons are to be used with Elements of Fun Learning Curriculum, Year 1: Weeks 5-6. Use these Snow White Lesson Plans to inspire, teach, engage and play with your child. These plans utilize both Disney’s Snow White movie and the original Brother Grimm story. Before beginning, make sure to access the Book List for Weeks 1-12. This will have the reading books used for Snow White weeks 5-6. Also make sure to see the Supply List for Weeks 1-12 to make sure you have the supplies for this unit on-hand.


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Week 5: Day One:

MOVIE: All Levels:

WATCH DISNEY’S SNOW WHITE (G) Questions to ask before watching the movie: What does the Queen do when she is angry? What does Snow White do when she could have been angry? What does Snow White have the Dwarfs do before eating? Pay attention to the Dwarfs names and things they do in the movie.


MIRROR MIRROR (PG) This live-action version is gentler than even the Disney version. It did not immediately send my son running when the Evil Queen came on screen, but I did not enjoy this movie. Roger Ebert  Christian Review:

UNIVERSAL SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN (PG-13) I did watch this movie and it is a little rough. It is definitely not for children. It did receive a PG-13 rating. Roger Ebert: Christian Review:

HALLMARK’S SNOW WHITE THE FAIREST OF THEM ALL (G) This movie is odd. A Genie frozen in a lake grants a man and his baby three wishes. It goes downhill from that. There are people who love this movie and those who despise it. When watching movies, I think It is important to compare different versions, and so I included this one. Here are some of the bad reviews on Amazon. Make sure to read some of the good reviews.

SNOW WHITE and THE THREE STOOGES (G) This movie cost $3.5 million to produce in 1961 and lost money. It stars an Olympic gold medalist ice skater as Snow White. I did watch this movie. My family did not personally like it, but it is considered a classic.



Verse of the Week is James 1:2-3 Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness.

What difficult situations did Snow White go through? What difficult situations have you gone through?

INTERMEDIATE AND ADVANCED: Study on Joy – Each day look up verses that deal with Joy. Ideas: 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18; Zephaniah 3:17; Philippians 4:4; Romans 12:12; Psalm 94:19; Psalm 118:24; Psalm 16:11; Isaiah 61:10


Joy – Snow White is joyful. She sings while she works and even maintains a joyful attitude in the face of hardship.

Joy – Definition: A feeling of great pleasure and happiness

What does Snow White do instead of Being Angry? (Possible answers include Sing, Smile, take care of others, Rest)

What does the Queen do when she is angry? (Possible answers include – Consult the mirror, Order Snow White killed, go out to kill Snow White, concoct potion to kill Snow White)

BEGINNER: Read Definition of Joy and discuss joy with your child. Read book Mr. Happy by Roger Hargreaves

INTERMEDIATE AND ADVANCED: Define Joy. Discuss the difference between Snow White and the Evil Queen. How do each of them react when faced with a situation that they don’t like. Practice Joyfulness all week. Create a Character Traits Journal. Allow your child to get as creative as they want with the character journal – examples: decorate a binder or notebook cover, use scrapbooking supplies to create a unique journal with photos of their homeschool journey. This journal should be used each day through the rest of the year.

Each Day this week record a reason you are joyful. Work on controlling anger and how to respond instead.


Snow White, A German Fairy Tale, was Written by the Brothers Grimm from Germany.

TIMELINE: Disney’s Snow White released December 21, 1937. Brothers Grimm publish Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs 1812

Anne Frank’s family leaves Germany for the Netherlands in 1933. The family goes into hiding on July 5, 1942, and remain there until discovered in August 1944. Anne later dies in a concentration camp.

BEGINNER, INTERMEDIATE AND ADVANCED: NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC FOR KIDS: Find and Identify Germany on map, atlas or globe. Find the capital of Germany. Identify the German Flag. 

BEGINNER: Sticker Activity Books 

INTERMEDIATE: Flag Activity Book

ADVANCED: Geography Identify Germany on Map. What colors are the flag? Population? Size? Who is the President and the Chancellor? What type of Government do they have?

What is the capital of Germany? How do you become a citizen of Germany? (At least one parent must be of German descent. You do not become a citizen through birth)

CIA Website (Includes information such as heads of state, type of government, national anthem, etc.)

INTERMEDIATE AND ADVANCED: Read Introduction through July 9, 1942: The Diary of Anne Frank Our reading selection for Intermediate and Advanced is Anne Frank. I choose Anne Frank because like Snow White she is in hiding because she fears for her life. Disney’s Snow White is reportedly 14 years old. This is the same age that Anne Frank was when she went into hiding. See if your child can compare/contrast Anne Frank and Snow White. Alternate Reading Selection for Intermediate is Who Was Anne Frank?

FOR Intermediate I will detail Who Was Anne Frank each day. Read Chapter 1 today.

Questions to use throughout this book: Print these off.


ALL LEVELS: Brothers Grimm online version:

BEGINNER: Read the Brothers Grimm version of Snow White or a friendly version of Snow White from Appendix A

INTERMEDIATE AND ADVANCED: Read the Brothers Grimm version of Snow White. Define Fairy Tale.

Fairest of them All by Valentino or Alternate reading selection for Intermediate: After Happily Ever After: Snow White and the Magic Mirror (Ages 8-12) See Appendix for description.

Creative Writing: List 5 Traits of Snow White (Joyfulness, Resourcefulness, Cheerful, Kind, Innocent, Beautiful, The Fairest, Child-like, etc.). List 2-3 Character Traits for each of the 7 Dwarfs.


ALL LEVELS: Begin Crystal Experiment Today: Usborne 365 Science Experiments p. 122-123 Growing Crystals. Make Sugar Crystals and at least one type of crystal (Alum, Epsom Salt or Baking Soda)

Other Activities: The following activities have to do with color. Since Snow White was the first color full-length animated film we will be separating color and mixing colors.

INTERMEDIATE AND ADVANCED: Movies and Technicolor Film – Disney’s Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs was the first full-length animated film in color. This website gives some history of the first Disney color cartoons.

BEGINNER, INTERMEDIATE AND ADVANCED: Make a Color Wheel (See Appendix D) There are two Color Wheel Options to download and print. The Advanced one has more colors to blend.

Optional: Using Color Acetate Sheets Make Different colors – Yellow/Blue Make Green; Blue/Red Make Purple; Red and Yellow make Orange 

BEGINNER AND INTERMEDIATE: Usborne 365 Science Activities: Page 5 Mixing Colors – Dye and Milk Pour some milk into a saucer and add drops of food color. Dip cotton swap in food coloring and place in the middle of the saucer. What happens to the colors?

Usborne 365 Science Activities: page 62-63 Separating Inks

ADVANCED: Film and Technicolor: Watch the Short (20-minute) Film: The History of Science and Color Film: From Sir Isaac Newton to the Coen Brothers  Take notes and select another movie to watch that is mentioned in this short clip.

Study how the making of movies has changed through the years.


BEGINNER:  LYRICS for Heigh Ho! Sing Heigh-Ho while “digging and marching” as the Dwarfs do when going home from work. This sounds simple, but it really engages the younger kids. They love to march and this song is great for marching.

 INTERMEDIATE AND ADVANCED: Listen/Watch the above clip. Come up with your own words to the tune.

ADVANCED: Research the actress who played Disney’s Snow White. Who was she? How old was she when she played Snow White? Birth/Death? Was she ever married? What type of contract did she sign with Disney? How much was she paid for Snow White? What other work did she do after Snow White? Write a few paragraphs about your findings.


BEGINNER AND INTERMEDIATE: Usborne Step-By-Step Drawing Book, page 30-31 Castle

ADVANCED: The Wicked Queen’s Heart Box (Papercraft – build it yourself).


Snow White has the Dwarfs wash their hands before eating. This week we are going to talk about germs and staying healthy. EXPERIMENT FOR ALL AGES: Begin experiment:

The intermediate book Achoo talks about how it is impossible to keep your eyes open while sneezing. Experiment and try this.

BEGINNER: Germs Make Me Sick (Ages 4-8) Read this book in one day or stretch it out over the week.

INTERMEDIATE: Achoo Read pages 4-7 Either do the experiment on page 7 or the bread experiment above.

ADVANCED: It’s Catching Read pages 6-11. Begin Experiment above.


Make German Apple Pancakes

Week 5: Day Two:


ALL LEVELS: Continue Memory Verses. James 1:2-3 Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness.

INTERMEDIATE AND ADVANCED: Discuss the Progression of Sin: James 1:15

Then, having conceived, the desire gives birth to sin; and when sin is fully grown, it gives birth to death.

Detail the progression of the Queen’s Sin. This began with Desire: She wanted to be the fairest and she wasn’t. The desire grew and then she formulated a plan. Sin: She put the plan into action. And Finally Death: In this case, there was a literal death. She stops at nothing to kill Snow White, and this leads to the “apparent death” of Snow White, and eventually to the Queen’s death. The Queen’s evil desire drove her to her death. In most cases, our evil desires drive us to sin and sin leads us away from God. The book Fairest of Them All portrays the progression of sin so vividly.


ALL LEVELS: Discuss other character qualities of Snow White and the Queen.

BEGINNER:  Reread Mr. Happy or select another book from the Appendix.

INTERMEDIATE AND ADVANCED: Write in your Character Journal.


BEGINNER: Watch favorite parts of Disney’s Snow White or watch YouTube Clips of favorite music or rides from Disney World.

INTERMEDIATE: Watch another film from the list.

Read Who Was Anne Frank? Chapter 2

ADVANCED: Watch another film from the list. Read Anne Frank July 10/1942 through November 9, 1942

Locate major diamond mines and discuss locations and mining conditions.


BEGINNER: Reread yesterdays books or read another version of Snow White from Appendix.

INTERMEDIATE: Read After Happily Ever After

ADVANCED (AND POSSIBLY INTERMEDIATE):  Read Fairest of Them All p. 51-97.

Creative Writing: You will begin to write a fairy tale. Pick four characters and name them. Give each character traits. List 4-5 traits for each character.


ALL LEVELS: Take a nature walk and look for rocks.

INTERMEDIATE: Read Achoo p. 8-12

ADVANCED: Read It’s Catching p. 12-13 Do Optional Experiment on Page 11.


In the movie, the dwarfs are shown digging and extracting perfect gems. Could the Dwarfs get “perfect” gems directly from the earth without any processing?

BEGINNER: Rocks and Minerals p. 4=9; p 26-27

 INTERMEDIATE: My Little Book of Rocks, Minerals, and Gems p 4-9; p. 54-59

ADVANCED: Spend as much time as wanted on the website. What does a Geologist Do? Considering a Career in Geology? Minerals: Rocks:


ALL LEVELS: Painting with Salt Crystals Usborne 365 Science Activities p. 30-31

ADVANCED: Continue work on papercraft box.


Make Candy Apples (or Caramel) – Can you make them look like the poison apple in The Wicked Queen’s lab?

Week 5: Day Three:


All Levels: Continue Bible Memory Verses James 1:2-3 Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness.

Begin reading the Story of Joseph – Joseph managed to stay positive even when faced with extreme circumstances.

BEGINNER: Read the story of Joseph from the Bible or from the child’s version you have selected.

INTERMEDIATE AND ADVANCED:  Read the Story of Joseph over the next 2 weeks. Begin reading Genesis 37.


ALL LEVELS: Continue Joy study. Begin discussing the character qualities of the 7 Dwarfs. Doc, Happy, Sneezy, Dopey, Grumpy, Bashful, Sleepy. Re-watch the movie and pay careful attention to why they were named what they were. Look for instances in the movies where each of the Dwarfs live out their names. (Example: Dopey is locking up the mine and puts the key on a hook outside the mine).

Additional study: Research your name and found out what it means.


BEGINNER: Continue studying German culture. Optional: Germany ABC’s

INTERMEDIATE: Who Was Anne Frank? Chapter 3

ADVANCED: Read Diary of Anne Frank – November 12, 1942 – April 1, 1943


BEGINNER AND INTERMEDIATE: Write a story with your child. Take turns. Begin Once Upon a Time . . . Each person participating is to say 1-5 words. One person should write the story down.

Example: Once Upon a Time (You) a young girl came skipping (child) down the driveway (you) with her yellow (child) basket filled with (you). . . You get the picture. Continue until you have a completed story.

BEGINNER: Read another Snow White story.

INTERMEDIATE: Read Happily Ever After.

ADVANCED: Read Fairest p. 98-149

Creative Writing: Continue defining story elements. Write a description about the town that your characters will live in. What type of houses make up the town? When is the time period of the story? What season or seasons does your story take place?


ALL LEVELS: If making your own mining activity, begin to prepare. (See Appendix E for supplies and instructions)

Check on Crystals. These may take over a week (or more) depending on humidity levels. Check on them daily and record any progress.

BEGINNER: Rocks and Minerals p. 10-19.

INTERMEDIATE: Read My Little Book of Rocks p. 10-21.

ADVANCED: Read more from


BEGINNER: Make a Magic Mirror (see Supplies) or Apple Craft 

INTERMEDIATE: Song Lyrics from Snow White 

ADVANCED: Continue work on Magic Box or Draw a Red Apple (tutorial) 

Music: Listen to classical music or the songs from snow white while you work on your art project. Focus on musicians from Germany. (See Appendix)


ALL LEVELS: (Intermediate may have done this experiment yesterday) Germ experiment: Put a different color “germ” (glitter) in each child’s hand. Explain that the germ is the glitter, and we are going to see how germs spread. Have each child sneeze over their hand. Watch to see how far their germ spread.

BEGINNER: Germ experiment above. Sneeze (can you sneeze with your eyes shut?)

INTERMEDIATE: Achoo p. 13-15 Experiment p. 13 Sneezing with Glitter

ADVANCED: It’s Catching p. 14-17. Discuss Bacteria vs Viruses. Do antibiotics help with viruses or bacteria? Discuss differences between a cold, influenza, and bacterial infections.


Make Apple Cinnamon Chips

Week 5: Day Four:


ALL LEVELS: Memory Verse. James 1:2-3 Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness.

BEGINNER: Continue reading Joseph



BEGINNER, INTERMEDIATE, AND ADVANCED: The Huntsman lied to the Queen about killing Snow White. Discuss lying and is it ever appropriate? For older children talk about white lies (the lies we tell to keep from hurting people’s feelings). Are white lies appropriate?

Continue recording in Character Journal – things that bring you joy.


BEGINNER: Study the German Language using Duolingo: Hello, Goodbye, Favorite Words.

INTERMEDIATE: Who Was Anne Frank. Chapter 4

ADVANCED: Read Diary of Anne Frank April 2, 1943, through August 18, 1943


BEGINNER: Reread book or select another one from the list. 

INTERMEDIATE: Continue Reading Happily Ever After.

ADVANCED: Read Fairest p. 150-200

Outline Story: Beginning, Middle, and End. What happens first, second, third, next. Who are the main characters? What do the characters do? Is there any conflict within the story? Is the conflict resolved by the end of the story? Do you want this to be a chapter of a longer story?


ALL LEVELS: What is Pumice? 

MINING ACTIVITY: This activity can be done by all age levels. You can save this activity for tomorrow. My children loved this and spent an entire afternoon digging for gems. Make Your Own Mining Activity (See Appendix) or Bag of Rocks for Mining Activity

National Geographic Mining Kit 

Hidden Treasure Kit 

Break Open Geodes Kit 

Field Trip: Visit a Mining activity in your area.

BEGINNER AND INTERMEDIATE: Get a bowl of water and test some of the rocks you have collected to see if they sink or float. Make sure to test Pumice (hint: It will float).

BEGINNER: Read Rocks and Minerals p. 20-end. Answer the questions in the back of the book. Try to find places in your area where marble and slate are used – some ideas: churches, walkways, countertops.

INTERMEDIATE: My Little Book of Rocks p. 22-35.

ADVANCED: Continuing studying rocks.


BEGINNER, INTERMEDIATE, ADVANCED: Clean to Whistle While You Work. Create a list of chores suitable for your child’s skill level, and put on music from Snow White while you clean.


ALL LEVELS: Clean with a Pumice stone.


INTERMEDIATE: Achoo p. 16-20 Do Experiment p. 17

ADVANCED: It’s Catching p. 18-19. Check on Experiments.


Apple Strudel (Quick and Easy or More Complicated)

Week 5: Day Five:

SUGGESTED MENU FOR FEAST: If completing this unit in one week – PREPARE FOR SNOW WHITE FEAST to be held on Saturday or Sunday. If using this as a two-week unit, allow the children to use today to plan out the feast for next week – invitations (if inviting family and friends), costumes, plan the menu, and table settings, where to purchase food and supplies:

Can select other foods from the Appendix)


German Potato Salad

German Stew

Gooseberry Pie (Gooseberry pie taste a little like rhubarb). I purchased my gooseberries from Amazon and used 2 cans. It was not a cheap pie, and my family didn’t like it. I would probably make apple strudel or apple pie next time, but the experience was fun! 

Serve a beer-like drink in a mug or stein: root beer, ginger ale, cream soda


ALL LEVELS: Memory Verse James 1:2-3 Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness.



BEGINNER: Read Mr. Happy again or another book from the list.



INTERMEDIATE: Who was Ann Frank? Chapter 5

ADVANCED: Diary of Anne Frank August 20, 1943, through January 6, 1944


BEGINNER: Read Seriously, Snow White Was So Forgetful. This is a funny story told from the perspective of the Dwarfs.

INTERMEDIATE: Read Happily Ever After

ADVANCED: Read Fairest p. 201-250

Creative Writing: Put your story together. Turn in your first draft.


INTERMEDIATE: Read My Little Book of Rocks p. 34-47. In Epcot, there is a model of the terracotta army that is found on page 35.


The Yodel Song in Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs

Dwarfs play musical instruments which include clarinet, organ, drum, lute, concertina (similar to an accordion), and double bass. Great opportunity to teach about the orchestra and different instruments. Read a book on the Orchestra from Appendix.

Read about Beethoven from a book in the Appendix. Listen to music from Beethoven.

WEEK 6: DAYS Six-Ten:

This is the catch-up week. There is so much packed in last week that you may want to catch up. Take this week to prepare for your feast, go on field trips, and continue learning about Snow White. (NOTE: The books listed in this section are only listed here and are not in the Appendix. These are if you need additional work.)


BEGINNER, INTERMEDIATE, ADVANCED: Verse: Snow White sees the good in everyone. She is able to see good qualities in even the most difficult people (like Grumpy and the Evil Queen). Memorize 1 Samuel 16:7 (NIV) But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.

BEGINNER: Either the story of Joseph and talk about how Joseph was the youngest, how his brothers laughed at his dream. How his brothers looked at the outward appearance of Joseph and did not see what God saw.

INTERMEDIATE AND ADVANCED: In week two (if time allows), Intermediate and Advanced children can read Brother Andrew. This is a true story of a man who smuggled Bible’s into areas where the Bible is banned. He was forced to lie about his activities. If this book is not read here, it is also a recommended resource for Pinocchio. 

Day 6: Read Genesis 42

Day 7: Read Genesis 43-44

Day 8: Read Genesis 45-46

Day 9: Read Genesis 47-48

Day 10: Read Genesis 49-50


This week talk about seeing the good in everyone. Snow White saw the good in people. Look for good qualities in your siblings and parents this week. In your character journal record good qualities you find in other people each day.

Parents: Try to catch your children doing good. See their heart in all they do. Focus on the good qualities and work to build those qualities this week.

BEGINNER AND INTERMEDIATE: Additional books: The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein 

The Wonderful Things You Will Be by Emily Winfield Martin

ADVANCED: This recommendation is based on the Myers-Briggs Personality Test. The ability to figure people out is essential for most jobs. I have recommended the following book for additional studies on being able to “see who people are,” because clearly, Snow White had trouble seeing who the old woman really was. Reading People: How Seeing the World through the Lens of Personality Changes Everything by Anne Bogel 


ALL LEVELS: Field Trips/Virtual Field Trips. Additional Field Trip Suggestions can be found in the Appendix.

Germany’s Cuckoo Clock Route

Going Cuckoo Over Germany’s Black Forest

INTERMEDIATE: Who Was Anne Frank: Day Six – Read Chapter 6

Day Seven: Read Chapter 7

Day Eight: Read Chapter 8

Day 9: Read Chapter 9

Day 10: Read Chapter 10

ADVANCED: Diary of Anne Frank: Make sure to answer questions from the downloaded worksheet. Day Six – Read January 7, 1944, through March 1, 1944

Day Seven: Read March 2, 1944, through March 27. 1944

Day Eight: Read March 28, 1944, through April 28, 1944

Day Nine: Read May 2, 1944, through June 9, 1944

Day Ten: Read June 13, 1944, through the end


BEGINNER: Read the story of Hansel and Gretel. This story was set in a German forest and has some parallel storylines. 

INTERMEDIATE AND ADVANCED: Continue reading selections. If finished, pick new selections from the appendix.

ADVANCED: Edit fairy tale story and rewrite if necessary.


Continue the study of rocks and minerals. Find places that you can explore rocks and minerals. Bring some rocks back home and try to identify them using your rock books.

BEGINNER (IF THERE IS AN INTEREST IN ROCKS) AND INTERMEDIATE: Read My Little Book of Rocks and Minerals p. 48-53


ALL LEVELS: Continue study of germs.

BEGINNER: Make Fake Snot

INTERMEDIATE:  Read Achoo – Day 6 – p. 21-23 Experiment on p. 23

Day 7: p. 24-27

Day 8: p. 28-31

Day 9: p. 32-35

Day 10: p. 36-39

ADVANCED: It’s Catching: Day 6: p. 20-23

Day 7: p. 24-27 Discuss flu shot and your family beliefs.

Day 8: p. 28=31

Day 9: 32-35

Day 10: 36-39 (finish the book in your leisure).


  • Learn about the dangers of strangers and people not being who they seem. Compare strangers to the evil queen, and how she appears to Snow White in a different form. Some children handle this topic easily, but some children may become afraid of strangers. This, as a parent, is a difficult tightrope. We don’t want to make our children so afraid of everyone they see, but we want to make them aware of the dangers in the world.

Suggested Resources: Beginner: The Berenstain Bears Learn About Strangers 

What if a Stranger Approaches You? By Anara Guard

Little Red Riding Hood


Study Bach, Beethoven.

Study the Instruments used in the film.


Prepare for the Grand Feast. Watch the movie before or after dinner.




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