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The following lessons are to be used with Elements of Fun Learning Curriculum, Use these Pinocchio Lesson Plans to inspire, engage and play with your child. These plans utilize both Disney’s Pinocchio and Carlo Collodi’s original book. Before beginning Teaching with Pinocchio, make sure to access the Book List for Weeks 1-12. This will have the resources used for Pinocchio. Also, make sure to see the Supply List for Weeks 1-12 to make sure you have the supplies for this unit on-hand. Finally access the Appendix for this week where you will find additional book suggestions, games, toys, recipes, and more.


Teaching with PINOCCHIO

To read Introductory Notes, Click Here!

First Week:


WATCH DISNEY’S PINOCCHIO (G) Questions to ask before watching the movie: Who is the narrator of the movie? (Narrator is a person (or animal) that delivers a commentary of a movie, play, book, etc.). How can you tell that Jiminy Cricket is poor (his clothes, holes in his socks)? Do crickets have toes?


PINOCCHIO 12 minutes This 2016 version is animated. Geppetto was a carpenter who made wooden toys for the children of his village. One day, he made a wooden puppet. As soon as he had finished, the puppet came alive and began to dance and sing. “Why you are alive!” he said. “I said. I shall call you Pinocchio. You shall be the son I never had.”

The Adventures of PINOCCHIO (PG) 1996 Live-Action version starring Martin Landau. The puppet is creepy in this version. And there are some weird scenes with the donkeys. It actually has very high ratings on Amazon Prime.

PINOCCHIO 2016 Live-Action version. Dubbed in English. The cricket is very interesting in this version.

ASTRO BOY (PG) A 2009 animated film about a 13-year-old boy named Toby is killed by his father’s invention. His father then creates a robot replica of his son which houses all the memories of Toby. The robot has great powers. Astro Boy is similar to Pinocchio in that his father builds him and wants him to be a “real boy.”

MANNEQUIN (PG) This film is about a mannequin that comes to life at night. The only one who sees the living mannequin is a “starving artist” that has taken a job-creating window displays. This movie is from 1987. It is a romantic comedy and there are some situations that might not be suitable for your child.


We will be studying several different aspects of Pinocchio – Prodigal Son, Honesty, and a Wrong that seems Right at the Time. Just like Pinocchio, the Prodigal Son in Luke leaves home for more adventure. He squanders money, lives a life of sin, and returns home repentant. Also, we will be reading the parable of the lost sheep. Jesus goes after his lost children, just as Geppetto went after Pinocchio.

BEGINNER, INTERMEDIATE, AND ADVANCED: Work on Memorizing Bible Verses – ENTIRE WEEK. Verse of the Week is Proverbs 16: 25 “There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way to death.”


Day 1 through 5: Work on memory verse each day. Read the story of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15). Read the story of The Lost Sheep (Matthew 18 and Luke 15).

INTERMEDIATE AND ADVANCED: Each day work on memorizing your verse. In addition to the prodigal son, we will also be studying Judas. Using a Concordance look up verses that deal with trust, truth, and lying.

OPTIONAL: Read God’s Smuggler by Brother Andrew. Read a chapter a day. You will not finish this in 2 weeks at this pace, but continue to read it at your leisure. All of my children (even the ones that didn’t enjoy reading, liked this book). This is a true story of a man who risked his life to smuggle Bibles into countries where they were banned. There were times that Brother Andrew lied. Discuss when it is appropriate to lie and when it is wrong. (If you have read The Diary of Anne Frank this was also a concept in that story. There were people lying and hiding Anne and her family). 

Day 1: Read Luke 15. Answer the following questions: How does Pinocchio compare to the Prodigal Son? How does Geppetto compare to the Shepherd?

Day 2: Read Matthew 18 

Day 3: Read Luke 22

Day 4: Read Luke 27 How does the Proverbs verse tie in with the story of Judas?

Day 5: Proverbs 16

CHARACTER: Honesty versus Lying

Truthfulness – Definition: The quality or state of being true. True means in accordance with fact or reality.

BEGINNER: Read the Definition of Truthfulness and discuss it with your child.

Select a book from the Appendix such as The Boy who Cried Wolf) to read that deals with not telling the truth and the consequences of lying. Each day reread or select another book.

INTERMEDIATE AND ADVANCED: Define Truthfulness. Identify the ways that we “tell non-truths” through the week. Continue writing in your Character Traits Journal. Focus on the traits that the Blue Fairy told Pinocchio he must develop: Truthfulness, Bravery, and Usefulness. Write statements like “I am useful when I.. .(help others, put away the laundry, etc.). “I am brave when I… “

Pinocchio outline


Pinocchio, an Italian fairytale, was written by Carlo Collodi in 1883. It was originally a serial publication.

TIMELINE: Disney’s Pinocchio was released on February 23, 1940

Carlo Collodi published Pinocchio in 1883

DAY 1: BEGINNER, INTERMEDIATE AND ADVANCED: Find and Identify Italy on map, atlas or globe. Find the capital of Italy. Identify the Italian Flag


Day 1: Sticker Activity Books (Flag and Picture Atlas)

Day 2: Look What Came from Italy by Miles Harvey

Day 3: National Geographic for Kids https://kids.nationalgeographic.com/explore/countries/italy/#italy-coliseum.jpg

Day 4: Italy for Kids (YouTube)  Cool Facts for Kids.


Day 1: Sticker or Flag Activity Book

Day 2: Italy (Country Explorers) p. 4-13

Day 3: Italy p. 14-21

Day 4: Italy p. 22-33

Day 5: Italy p. 34-end


Day 1:

Geography Identify Italy on Map. What colors are the flag? Population? Size?

Who is the President and the Prime Minister? What type of Government do they have? https://www.worldatlas.com/articles/what-type-of-government-does-Italy-have.html

What is the capital of Italy? How do you become a citizen of Italy? 

CIA Website (Includes information such as heads of state, type of government, national anthem, etc.)

Day 2: Italy: Culture Smart

Day 3: Culture Smart

Day 4: Culture Smart

Day 5: Culture Smart




Day 1: Read Golden Book Pinocchio

Day 2: Begin to Read The Cricket in Time Square Chapter 1-2

Day 3: Cricket in Time Square Chapter 3-4

Day 4: Cricket in Time Square Chapter 5-6

Day 5: Cricket in Time Square Chapter 7-8


Read either the online version (see Advanced) or read a gentler version – see Appendix for additional suggestions.

Day 1: Adventures of Pinocchio p. Beginning-7

Day 2: p. 8-15

Day 3: p. 16-25

Day 4: p. 26-32

Day 5: p. 33-42


The Adventures of Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi is available for free online. If you prefer to have a physical book I have listed some versions in both the booklist and the Appendix. Each day read 3-4 Chapters.

Research the author: Carlo Collodi – What was his real name?


Using adjectives write a paragraph describing Pinocchio (lazy, wooden, animated, foolish, forgetful, young, naive, etc.)



Day 1: Read Chirping Crickets

Day 3: Reread Chirping Crickets – Do the experiment on page 9

Day 4: Make a Cricket Model (from the instructions on page 32 of Chirping Crickets).

Day 5: Cricket Experiments  Live Crickets can be bought at many pet stores. After you conduct experiments with the crickets, you can release them. HERE ARE


Create a Cricket HABITAT


Day 1: Janice Van Cleave’s Astronomy: p. 158 Twinkling Stars

Day 2: Astronomy p. 132 Shrinking Stars

Day 3: Astronomy p. 134 Distant Stars

Day 4: Astronomy p. 138 Brighter Stars

Day 5: If you choose to do astronomy, take a break and do some cricket experiments: (See Beginner Day 5 Above).


We will be using the book Astronomy: A Self-Teaching Guide, but there are advanced calculations in this book. If you would rather select another book, see Appendix.

Day 1: Astronomy Chapter 3

Day 2: Chapter 3

Day 3: Chapter 4

Continue Day 4: Chapter 4

Day 5: Do some cricket experiments from Day 5 above.



ALL LEVELS: When Pinocchio goes to Pleasure Island there is smoking and drinking going on. We will be studying the dangers of smoking and drinking.

READ about the life of the real live Jiminy Cricket. He was a voice actor played by Cliff Edwards. He suffered from alcoholism, drug addiction, and was a heavy smoker. He died an early death. 

A: EXPERIMENT showing the effects of smoking one pack of cigarettes. The video is great!

B: The Real Cost is a website that talks about the dangers of Tobacco. It shows the different forms of tobacco (cigarettes, cigars, e-cigs, etc.) and health ramifications. It may be too scary for some children.

C: Make sure to show your children the effects on the lungs because many times children don’t translate the effects of an experiment in real life.

D: American Lung Association has many facts on their site regarding the health effects of smoking.

E. Little Lungs in a Great Big World: There are several of these claymation videos that show the dangers of smoking as a teen in a cute way.

BEGINNER: Day 1: Read Smoking Stinks!!!

Day 4: Show the dangers of smoking. The short Experiment video (A) is great for young kids. And make sure to show the effects on the lungs (C)

INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED: Using the above videos and websites, discuss the dangers of smoking and the effects on the lungs. 


When Pinocchio leaves for school he is skipping through the streets. This week I encourage you to go outside, find someplace that has sidewalks and skip. This has a great effect on the body. Skipping is a full workout that helps your heart rate and blood pressure. Added bonus if you sing when you are skipping. 



Begin to work on wood carving. For the younger children work on carving soap. Each day work on carving.


Day 1: Usborne Step-by-Step Drawing Book, p. 8 CAT

Day 2: Vivaldi. Vivaldi is an Italian composer: The Story of the Orchestra: Vivaldi’s Four Seasons (I absolutely love this book).

Day 3: Make or Buy a Marionette (Pinocchio on Amazon) or this (Ostrich) and practice using it. OR Make Your own with these plans


Day 2: Vivaldi Spiritual Lives of the Great Composers

Day 3: Make a Marionette  Depending on your child’s skill level, they may want to do something more complicated. 

Pinocchio Float

WEEK 2: Day 6-10: Teaching with Pinocchio

This is the catch-up week. There is so much packed in last week that you may want to catch up. Take this week to prepare for your feast, go on field trips, and continue learning about Pinocchio. (NOTE: The books listed in this section are only listed here and are not in the Appendix. These are if you need additional work.)

Rewatch Disney’s Pinocchio.


We will be studying several different aspects of Pinocchio – Jonah and the Whale. Jonah is swallowed by a whale and lives for 3 days in the belly. Geppetto is also swallowed by a whale.

BEGINNER, INTERMEDIATE, AND ADVANCED: Work on Memorizing Bible Verses – ENTIRE WEEK. Verse of the Week is Proverbs 12:22 The Lord detests lying lips, but he delights in people who are trustworthy.


Day 6 through 10: Work on memory verse each day. Read the story of Jonah and the Whale (Jonah 1-4). Also, read Proverbs 12.

INTERMEDIATE AND ADVANCED: Each day work on memorizing your verse. We will be reading Jonah and Proverbs 12.

Day 6: Read Jonah 1

Day 7: Read Jonah 2 

Day 8: Read Jonah 3

Day 9: Read Jonah 4

Day 10: Read Proverbs 12


Bravery – Definition: Showing courage. Ready to face and endure danger. Facing fears.

BEGINNER: Read the Definition of bravery and discuss it with your child.

Select a book from the Appendix to read that deals with bravery. Each day reread or select another book.

INTERMEDIATE AND ADVANCED: Define Bravery. Identify the ways that we bravery through the week. Continue writing in your Character Traits Journal. Focus on the traits that the Blue Fairy told Pinocchio he must develop: Truthfulness, Bravery, and Usefulness. Write statements like “I am brave when I.. .(stand up to a bully, face my fear of. . .).


ALL LEVELS: Days 6-10: Use Duolingo to learn some basic Italian

Field Trips – See Appendix for suggestions

INTERMEDIATE: Who was Galileo by Demuth

ADVANCED: Day 6: Read the Story of James Bartley: A Story of a man swallowed by a whale.

Continue reading Culture Smart: Italy



Day 6: Cricket in Time Square. Chapter 9-10

Writing: Make a list of 5 good qualities (honesty, kindness)

Day 7: Continue reading The Cricket in Time Square Chapter 11-12

Writing: Make a list of 5 important inventions (the automobile, lights)

Day 9: Cricket in Time Square Chapter 13

Write: Make a list of 10 bad qualities (Lying, stealing)

Day 9: Cricket in Time Square. Chapter 14

Writing: Select one item from each list and write a sentence or two.

Day 10: Finish The Cricket in Time Square. Chapter 15

QUIZ Online with Cricket in Times Square Questions


Day 6: Pages 44-51

Day 7: Pages 52-61

Day 8: Day 62-71

Day 9: Pages 72-80

Day 10: Pages 81-91

Finish book over the weekend


Continue reading 3-4 chapters a day. At the end of the week write a simple book report. Title of Book, Author, Brief synopsis (what was the story about), and would you recommend this book to a friend.


 Day 6: Write a list of 10 virtues – honesty, kindness.

Day 7: Write a list of 10 things that are important to a civilization.

Day 8: Write a list of 10 important inventions.

Day 9: Make a list of 10 negative values

Day 10: Select 1 item from each list and write a short story.



Day 6: Build a craft stick raft that will float. See how much weight it will hold.


Day 7-10: Continue working through some of the experiments in Janice VanCleave’s book if desired.


Continue working through Astronomy self-teaching guide if desired.



BEGINNER and INTERMEDIATE: Kid’s Health: Alcohol and How it Affects Your Body

ADVANCED: WARNING: This video shows the author drinking and getting drunk. Watch a Neuroscientist Explain what happens when you drink. 



Day 6: Drawing Figaro the Cat

Day 7: There is a song in the movie entitled Give a Little Whistle if you have not learned to whistle yet, practice. There are YouTube Videos to help you practice. I cannot whistle with my tongue in this position.

Day 8: (Also counts for Physical Education): Learn to Dance like the marionettes in Stromboli’s show. There is a Dutch girl with wooden shoes, French can-can dancers (the video below is not a burlesque type), and the Russian Cossack dance.

Dutch wooden shoe dance

French Can-Can dancers 

Learn to dance the Cossack 

PHYSIOLOGY: What it takes to do the Cossack Dance

Day 9: Italy is a land filled with famous sculptures. Many of the famous sculptures are made from marble. But there are other ways to sculpt. Watch the video The Scarecrow by Jim McKenzie – it is fascinating. 

Sculpt Disney clay figures such as this Olaf , Winnie-the-PoohMickey Mouse 1 or Mickey Mouse 2



Spend the week preparing for a Grand Feast. See appendix for food suggestions. Watch Pinocchio as a family (or invite friends to share your excitement about the Pinocchio unit you just finished.).


Teaching with PinocchioPinocchio float at Magic Kingdom Parade
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