Making Healthy Family Meals

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Feeding a family a healthy, balanced diet can be relatively difficult. But it is possible. You just need to put some planning into the process and really focus on crafting delicious but nutritious meals. Your little ones in particular really need to get their five a day and all the other vitamins they need to grow big and strong – and only a healthy diet can provide them with this. So, to help you along the way, here are a few tips and tricks that can help you make healthy family meals!

Making Healthy Family Meals - Fruits and Vegetables

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Go Plant Based to Eat More Healthy Family Meals

Various studies have found that plant-based diets are generally healthier. Many people believe that meat increases your risk of heart disease, and even if you don’t believe this, eating more fruits and vegetables is definitely good for you. So, why not incorporate more plants into you diet?

This is healthier for you and your kids. Additionally, vegetarians tend to have longer life expectancies than their meat eating counterparts. The important thing with vegetarianism or veganism, however, is to make sure you’re still getting all the nutrients you and your family need into your meals. This is a complete lifestyle change, so you’ll have to put some thought into meal plans at first. The good news is that once you’re into the swing of things, everything should be straightforward and simple! Start off with something delicious like this squash casserole recipe.

Furthermore, even if you don’t go completely plant-based, your family will try new foods, and you all may find some new favorites.

Cut Down on Take-Out

Many families have fast-food meals regularly. But it’s important to remember that take-out meals should be occasional treats rather than forming a regular part of you and your family’s diets. Fast food meals, even from the healthier establishments, tend to be high in saturated fats, salts, and excessive sugar. They have lower nutritional content and they’re really not very good for anyone. So, cut back. Keep these as a special treat for a special occasion. Avoid eating take-out on a weekly basis.

Hide the Vegetables

Of course, some kids can be picky about veg. Often, they are simply stating they don’t like it without trying it or knowing whether they genuinely like it or not. But it’s an essential part of their diet, so consider hiding some vegetables. Disguising vegetables in mashed potato, vegetable chips or other foods that kids tend to prefer makes sure they enjoy their meals but still get their five a day.

Additionally, it is easy to get your kids to try new vegetables by some thought and planning. Begging and pleading never work. Sometimes it requires a lot of creative thought such as playing food games, but the outcome at the end is worth it.

Try Healthy Snacks

Of course, you’re all going to need to eat more than your three main meals a day. But snacking doesn’t have to consist of cakes, chips and other unhealthy treats. Instead, try healthier options like nutritional bars with oats, raisins, and dates. Or make your own granola, snack mixes, or healthy muffins. Bowls of fruit are also a good option that should satisfy any sweet tooth.

These are just a few tips and tricks that will help you to keep your family as healthy as possible. So, start incorporating them into their daily routine as best possible. They’re simple, they’re easy and they can be cheap, so there’s no reason not to!

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