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It’s raining! The kids are bored. Or you are just tired of all the same games you always play! Sometimes you just need to get out and change your routine a little. How about Lunch and Learn at the Mall? Grab the kiddos, have lunch at the mall, and get ready for some fun (and learning too). I have put together some fun activities to do at the mall with very little pre-planning. Just print off the sheets below and you are ready for a Mall Scavenger Hunt, history of the Eastwood Mall and surrounding area, and even an art lesson.


Lunch and Learning at the Mall

The Eastwood Mall in Niles, Ohio (which has been named the #1 Mall in Ohio) is a great place for activities, a history lesson, and even an art lesson with the kids. These can be done on a rainy afternoon, with a group of friends, with a homeschool group, or with a group of your adult friends!


Make sure to check with your local mall operator to find out their policy for taking pictures and for scavenger hunts.

Simple Rules for a Scavenger Hunt: 

  • Check with your local mall to make sure they are okay with scavenger hunts – let them know you will have adults in each group and you will be taking photos and not asking for anything from any retailer.
  • Ensure you have an adult present with each group of children.
  • Talk to your children about respecting property. The stores are there to make money. Do not disrupt the normal course of business.
  • No running or yelling. 



Click on the above document to print!

At the Eastwood Mall, make sure to check out the corridor by Dillard’s with the timeline entitled “The History of Our Region.” This is an excellent resource to learn about the businesses and people that impacted our area. Additionally, for a worksheet to use along with the timeline, make sure to download The History of Our Region.

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Art at the Eastwood Mall:

Have you seen the mosaic of the Mona Lisa in the Target corridor? This is an awesome learning tool. Before visiting the mall, show your child a picture of the Mona Lisa. The mosaic at the mall is a stunning piece of art. Have your children search for items in the mosaic such as a dog, cat, leaves, or buildings from the area. See if they can recognize any of the buildings from the timeline of the region (in the corridor near Dillard’s).


To continue the learning at home, have your children make a simple drawing of an apple, tree, leaf, or flower. Tear or cut construction paper in small pieces, and glue the pieces to make their own mosaic picture. 

Enjoy your day at the mall. For a mall directory visit EastwoodMall. For hours of operation, special events, and more information visit www.eastwoodmall.com.

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