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Introduction and Overview:

Read these notes and overview before beginning to study Tangled. This Introduction to Homeschooling with Disney’s Tangled Movie is designed to give you a clear understanding of the differences between the movie and the Brothers Grimm fairy tale Rapunzel. It is also an outline of what to expect during the next two weeks. It is designed to be used with Elements of Fun Learning Curriculum found here! Enjoy!

  • The Brothers Grimm version of the fairy tale was published in 1812 by brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm
  • Both the movie and the Brothers Grimm version follow the storyline of a young girl locked in a tower.
  • Mother Goethel comes right after birth and takes Rapunzel
  • Rapunzel is the young lady’s name, and she has long hair
  • Mother Goethel (Dame Goethel) is Rapunzel’s “mother.”
  • Rapunzel is kept in the tower to keep her away from strangers.
  • Rapunzel is saved by a young man
  • Rapunzel’s tears have magical powers
  • Rapunzel and the young man live happily ever after.
  • The story and the Disney version are not as similar as other movies.


There are some differences between the movie and the story. Some of the obvious differences are as follows:

In the Brothers Grimm story:

  • Rapunzel’s parents are poor
  • Rapunzel’s mother wants to eat rampion which is a green salad-like vegetable and so her dad steals the rampion (Rapunzel’s dad is a thief)
  • Dame Goethel catches Rapunzel’s dad and only agrees to let him go if she gets the couples unborn child
  • At age 12, Dame Goethel locks Rapunzel in the tower
  • Dame Goethel only comes during the day
  • A young prince comes across the tower and “finds” Rapunzel
  • He continues to come every night
  • When Dame Goethel finds out, she cuts Rapunzel’s hair and sends her into the desert
  • The prince returns to the tower and finds Dame Goethel – Rapunzel is gone
  • He falls to the ground and he is blinded
  • Rapunzel gives birth to twins – a boy and a girl. Apparently, she got pregnant when the Prince was “visiting” Rapunzel at night.
  • The prince wanders around the desert blinded
  • Eventually, he hears Rapunzel singing
  • They embrace. She cries, and her tears fall into his eyes and cure him

In the Disney movie:

  • The time period is estimated to be the 1800’s
  • Rapunzel’s parents are the King and Queen of Corona
  • The Queen is sick, and the castle guards find the rare enchanted flower that cures her
  • Mother Goethel comes and steals Rapunzel
  • Each year the Queen and King light lanterns on Rapunzel’s birthday
  • Rapunzel is locked in the tower and watches the lantern festival every year on her birthday
  • She wants to see the lantern festival for her 18th birthday
  • A thief (Flynn Ryder) is the one to save Rapunzel
  • Flynn agrees to take Rapunzel to see the lanterns
  • Rapunzel learns the lantern festival is for the “lost princess”
  • Eventually, Rapunzel realizes she is the “lost princess”
  • Flynn and Rapunzel live happily ever  after


(These basic notes are included with additional suggestions for learning activities)

Suggestions: For Two Weeks: During week one if there is any work you haven’t finished, continue on into week two. I have additional book suggestions if you need more work for week 2. During week 2 work on planning A Tangled Feast, costumes, and catching up on any work that you fell behind. Additionally, use week 2 for Field Trip activities.


This movie may be scary for some children. Mother Gothel can be frightening. Rapunzel is stolen from her crib as a baby. Flynn Ryder is stabbed by Mother Gothel and dies. Mother Gothel falls to her death, but before she can fall all the way she “disappears.”


This week will include a study of Poland, Polish customs, and food.

The setting for Disney’s Tangled is believed to be a between Germany and Poland along the Baltic Sea Coast. Corona is Polish/Russian for the word crown.

The castle is said to be modeled after Mont-Saint Michel in Normandy



Rapunzel is searching. At first, she isn’t even sure what her search is. She wants to see the lanterns. There is something about them that is intriguing to her. Eventually, she finds out “who she is.” We are going to study your Genetics, Heritage, and DNA.



All ages should read the Brothers Grimm Rapunzel story. There are gentler versions available for younger children. I have those listed in the Appendix.

RAPUNZEL – free online original story by the Brothers Grimm:


This week Advanced will read The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway. Intermediate will read After Happily Ever After: Rapunzel.



This week we will study dangers – real versus perceived and the likelihood of things actually happening.


  • Dance – Folk-rock music
  • Soccer is the most popular sport in Poland. Learn the rules of soccer. Play a game of soccer or go see a professional soccer game.


Make shadow puppets. Usborne 365 Science Activities p. 82-83

Have the child create a menu using Polish foods. Give them a budget for dinner and see how they can make their food dollars stretch.

While watching the movie, find references to other Disney Movies. There are many objects inside the tower such as Sleeping Beauty’s Spinning Wheel, Snow White’s apple, Beauty and the Beast Rose and Wardrobe, Cinderella’s slipper, Little Mermaid seashell, and Pinocchio, Pumbaa, and more (Snuggly Duckling)


Disney Bounding is wearing clothes that are considered streetwear (not a costume) that embraces the essence of a character. Have your child create an outfit using “real clothes” from their closet, thrift store, or retail store to model the colors, look and feel of Rapunzel, Mother Gothel, Flynn Ryder. Have your child a budget to create this outfit.

The cottage of the Seven Dwarfs is inspired by a group of cottages in Los Feliz near Los Angeles. The architectural style of the cottage is Tudor and French Normandy.

If completing this unit in one week, prepare for the Tangled Feast to be held on Saturday or Sunday. If using this as a two-week study, allow the children to use Day 5 to plan the feast for week 2, making invitations (if inviting family or friends), costumes, plan the menu and table settings, where to purchase food and supplies. Week 2 has less assigned work to allow to catch up and to work on making a grand feast.

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