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Introduction and Overview:

Read these notes and overview before beginning to study Snow White. This Introduction to Homeschooling with Disney’s Snow White Movie is designed to give you a clear understanding of the differences between the movie and the Brothers Grimm fairytale. It is also an outline of what to expect during the next two weeks. It is designed to be used with Elements of Fun Learning Curriculum found here! Enjoy!

  • The Brothers Grimm version of the fairy tale was published in 1812 by brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm
  • Many of the same elements in both the short story and the Disney movie
  • Walt Disney took a very short story and turned it into a classic that is loved by old and young alike
  • Both follow a similar plot line
  • A beautiful young girl with dark hair, fair skin and ruby lips lives with her evil stepmother
  • The stepmother is The Queen and has a magic mirror that she gazes upon and asks, “Who is the fairest of them all?”, to which the mirror replies, “You, my Queen, are the fairest of them all”
  • One day the mirror replies that Snow White is the fairest
  • The Queen’s envy grows until she decides to do away with Snow White
  • She calls the huntsman and orders him to take the girl out to the forest and kill her
  • The Huntsman cannot kill Snow White and orders her to run
  • He kills an animal and returns to the castle
  • Snow White runs through the forest and finds a cottage inhabited by “little people”
  • She cleans the house and when the Dwarfs return they find her sleeping
  • The Dwarfs agree to let her stay in their house and in exchange, she takes care of them by cooking and cleaning
  • The Evil Queen finds out Snow White is still alive and makes a poison apple to kill her
  • While the Dwarfs are away, the Queen disguised as a peddler woman comes and gives Snow White a poison apple
  • Snow takes a bite and collapses
  • The Dwarfs cannot find it in their hearts to bury her and instead make a glass coffin and keep her on the mountaintop
  • Prince Charming shows up and Snow White is awakened
  • Snow White and The Prince live happily ever after


There are some differences between the movie and the story. Some of the obvious differences are as follows:

In the Brothers Grimm story:

  • Snow White is a very young girl (7 years old)
  • The Queen orders the huntsman to bring Snow White’s liver and lungs back and she eats them
  • Peasant woman appears 3 times to Snow White at the Seven Dwarfs cottage. The first time she appears with a lace bodice that she pulls too tight and Snow White stops breathing
  • The second time the peasant woman appears with a poisoned comb that she uses in Snow White’s hair
  • The third appearance is with a half-poisoned apple that she shares with Snow White
  • The Prince asks the Dwarfs for Snow White’s coffin and he has his servants carry it away
  • While carrying the coffin, the apple that was lodged in Snow White’s throat comes out and she begins breathing
  • The Queen attends Snow White’s wedding
  • When the Queen is recognized, she is ordered to dance with iron shoes that have been put into burning coals and while dancing falls down dead

In the Disney movie:

  • The Time Period is estimated to be the 1500’s
  • Snow White is a little older than the story version. She is reported to be 14
  • The Huntsman is ordered to bring back her heart which the Queen keeps in a box
  • The peasant woman only appears to Snow White one time with a poisoned apple
  • The Dwarfs chase the peasant woman up a mountain and she falls off to her death
  • The Prince comes and kisses Snow White
  • The couple rides off into the sunset


(These basic notes are included with additional suggestions for learning activities)

The Walt Disney movie is the first full-length animated color movie.

Suggestions: For Two Weeks: During week one if there is any work you haven’t finished, continue on into week two. I have additional book suggestions if you need more work for week 2. During week 2 work on planning the Snow White Feast, costumes, and catching up on any work that you fell behind. Additionally week 2 can be used for Field Trip activities.

MY REVIEW OF DISNEY’S SNOW WHITE AND RECOMMENDATIONS FOR VIEWING: This movie may be scary for some children. The Queen orders the huntsman to kill Snow White; while Snow White is running through the forest, the trees grab her, there is scary music, and Snow White is obviously afraid; the evil Queen turns herself into a scary peasant woman; when the Queen pulls the apple out of the poison brew, there is a skull on the apple; a skeleton of a person is on a sidewalk; in the scenes with the ugly peasant woman, there is sinister music; Queen has a black crow; vultures in the forest; and the peasant woman falls off the edge of a cliff and vultures are seen circling.



All three levels will include a study of Germany.

The setting is believed to be a German forest. The Queen’s Castle may have been based on Segovia Castle in Spain.

The cottage of the Seven Dwarfs is said to be inspired by a group of cottages in Los Feliz near Los Angeles. The architectural style of the cottage is Tudor and French Normandy.


  • Study the Cuckoo Clock and its origins. If possible visit a store/museum with cuckoo clocks.
  • Wishing Wells: study the wishing well and its origins. When did people start using wells for wishing?


The Dwarfs are mining for gemstones, but they have to remove other rocks to get to the gemstones. Our science this week is a study of gemstones and rocks, but there are other science activities that can be studied too.


  • Nature Study: Study the Woodland animals and the woodland habitat that Snow White encounters. Where can the woodland habitat be found? Nature study with older children can include the anatomy of animals.
  • Study parts of the apple. What types of trees are apple trees? (deciduous – they lose their leaves)
  • Tools: Snow White Uses a Cast Iron Pot. There are other tools shown around the cottage such as a pickax, broom, washboard. Find out when and where these were first used.
  • Wash clothes in the “river” and hang to dry. Using a large tub (metal or plastic), wash dish towels with a washboard.



All ages should read the Brothers Grimm story. There are gentler versions available for younger children. I have those listed in the Appendix.


This week Advanced will read Fairest of All. Intermediate will begin to read this book and will finish it next week or they can read a different book entitled After Happily Ever After: Snow White found in the Appendix.


  • Snow White is a Fairy Tale. Define what a fairy tale is. Write a fairy tale.
  • Study the life of the Brothers Grimm and their fairy tales. Write a paper that compares and contrast the movie versus story
  • Read other works from the Brothers Grimm such as Hansel and Gretel



This Week we are studying about Germs. Snow White makes the Dwarfs wash up before they eat. In addition, you can study soccer. Soccer is the most popular sport in Germany.


  • Teach about strangers and not taking food from strangers. Food/candy may look good, but still can be bad.



Study musical selections from the Disney movie including Heigh-Ho, Whistle While Your Work, and others.


Beethoven and Bach were both from Germany. There are some books listed in the Appendix if you choose to study classical music.


Additional Activities:

  • The windows in the cottage are made from the bottom of glass bottles. Create a piece of art using bottles – will require cutting bottles. Or use plastic water bottles to create a piece of art.


The Dwarfs create bubbles when they are washing up for dinner. Make bubbles and play.

Have the child create a menu using German foods. Give them a budget for dinner and see how they can make their food dollars stretch.


Wearing clothing that is considered streetwear (not a costume) is called Disneybounding. It embraces the essence of a character. Have your child create an outfit using “real clothes” from their closet, thrift store, or retail store to model the colors, look and feel of Snow White, the Evil Queen, one of the dwarfs, the Huntsman or the Prince. For an added teaching element, give your child a budget to create this outfit.

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