How to Get Over Your Fear of the Gym

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Getting Fit without Anxiety

Those that are relatively new to exercise, or at least those that haven’t exercised in a gym environment, can find themselves feeling a little worried or anxious at the prospect. We imagine that entering such a facility and seeing all of the fit and healthy people may make us feel a little out of place. We will explore how to get over your fear of the gym so you can be fit!

Almost every human thinks negative thoughts about themselves. And having gym anxiety is quite normal, Furthermore, working out doesn’t necessarily put you in the best position in terms of how cool and carefree you look, so those who are self-aware may find that this becomes a little too much to deal with. Unless you can afford to create your own weight room and exercise facility, and then have your own personal trainer come to your house, you have few options for getting fit.

If this is your first time encountering the new gym atmosphere, it is almost expected that you will have irrational fears. However, these fears can be overcome. After all, in a gym, it’s rare that anyone even cares about what you’re doing in the first place, provided you’re not injured or drawing unnecessary attention to yourself. People wish to get focused and ‘in the zone’ so they can exercise with clarity and worry about their own workouts, rather than worrying or judging you. Furthermore, even those who may be vastly obese will receive the most respect they could ever find in the gym, as attendees will see you trying to make progress and truly admire you for making that decision.

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So – how can you get over that initial fear of the gym? Let’s consider a few tips below:

How to Get Over Your Fear of the Gym:

Do Research Beforehand

Ask friends and relatives for recommendations. Look up reviews online. See what ratings a gym has received on Facebook or their Better Business Bureau rating. Additionally, some easy ways to research is to type in Google, “Best Gyms Near Me” or the name of your city. An important thing to remember is anytime you are in a new situation, even if you don’t have any anxiety disorders, you will most likely have some anxiousness when spending money and signing up for a membership. Doing your research allows you to become a gym goer armed with information.

Asking for recommendations on Facebook

This approach serves two purposes. First, friends are always willing to give recommendations and you may find that a friend has a long-time membership locally. They may be able to advise you of the best deals when to avoid peak hours at the gym, and the best ways to approach your fitness routine. You also might find a gym buddy!

Don’t be afraid to admit to your friends if you have social anxiety over going to a gym. You will probably be inundated with messages such as “Me too! I was so nervous, but I found that a gym that is so great!” or “If you have social anxiety, avoid this gym because it really just is a pick-up spot.”

The other thing you will accomplish by asking for advice is publically setting fitness goals. This says to your friends and family that you are serious about getting healthy.

Asking For A Tour

It’s perfectly fine to ask for a tour, in fact, most gyms have a staff member dedicated to helping you to navigate their facility. In fact, you might even be able to score a few free passes to try out the gym with a friend before joining. This way you can look around the machines and feel more comfortable as a member. Asking for a tour of the gym in this light can help you become more relaxed there, knowing where the amenities are, and even how to use certain machines. Responsible services like Fitness 19 provide this as standard.

Finding A Welcoming Gym

Find a gym that caters to you. Do you wish to take group classes? It might be that a gym that offers yoga lessons, swimming lessons, or boxercise classes may be right for you. If a gym is more dedicated to powerlifting, then that could be appropriate if you want to do barbell lifts and use chalk between sessions. Some gyms are catered to complete newbies, limiting others from dropping weights, for instance, so as to preserve a nicer atmosphere. Weigh up your options, and see which is right for you.

See Your Doctor

While it may not seem like seeing your doctor will help you get over your fear of the gym, it actually can.

Getting a physical before starting an exercise program is a good idea. Knowing that you are in good general condition will help those first few weeks when you come home from doing new exercises and start to wonder if the arm pain you are feeling is muscle or heart. Your doctor can tell you what a good heart rate is, what your blood pressure should be, and what type of symptoms you should be concerned about. Ultimately, when you start going to the gym you want to be in the best frame of mind possible.

Starting Simple

It can be healthy to just start simple in your local gym. Start simple even if you have plans to train more readily later on. A day of taking a class, simply using the cardio equipment, or trying the swimming pool can make a major difference in how comfortable you feel. Furthermore, getting a feel for the environment is important. Your efforts really will make a profound difference if you take baby steps. Overall, you’ll be stunned at just how welcoming and enjoyable the gym environment can be, and again, how few people even notice you in the first place (which is a big benefit for most).

Plan Your Workouts

If going to the gym becomes a normal routine, you have a better chance of succeeding. What is the best time for you? First thing in the morning or right after work? Knowing when you are at your peak helps you to stay on track.

Create a Good Playlist

While the gym can be an intimidating place, especially if you are anxious about working out in front of others, having some distractions is a great thing. Create some workout playlists that keep you focused and motivated. Make sure to include some of your favorite upbeat songs that you love to dance to.

With this advice, we believe you’ll be able to get over that initial fear of the gym. Your gym fear will be a thing of the past!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Gym Memberships Tax Deductible?

Gym Memberships are not tax-deductible. However, if you own a business and have employees you may be able to deduct the expense of an office gym or gym membership benefits for your employees. Additionally, there are some instances where a gym membership may qualify as a medical expense. Talk with your accountant before exploring any of those options.

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