Supply List: Year One: Weeks 1-12

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The first time a supply is used, I will list it, but then I will not continue to list it. Example: Watercolors and Watercolor paper is listed in week 1, but is used repeatedly throughout the year. I will not continue to list it each week.

Week 1:

BEGINNER: Day 1: Index Cards 3 X 5

ALL LEVELS: Day 1: Watercolors, (Prang is my favorite watercolor brand), watercolor paper, Frame for Quote, Index Cards, Sticker Dots

Day 4: Post-It Note Pad (minimum 50 sheets per child)

Day 5: Cardboard Can (from oatmeal or similar container), plastic lid, electrical taper, ruler, tack, zoetrope template (from lesson).

Week 2:


Craft stick, construction paper.

BEGINNER AND INTERMEDIATE:  Sidewalk chalk, black construction paper, foil stars, white paper plates,

ALL LEVELS: Natural food dye (you can purchase regular dye, but I am such a stickler about artificial dyes in food), cake mix to make cupcakes, ingredients to make an apple pie, ring magnets, cookie sheet (that you don’t mind using for painting and other activities), metal washers or balls, Globe or Map depicting the entire world. Orange.

ADVANCED: Iron nail, 3 feet copper wire, D-battery, paper clip

Week 3:

Bucket, 8 empty yogurt containers, paper plates, thumbtacks, wooden skewer.

Food items: Day 1: pretzels rods, shredded fillo dough, string cheese, fresh chives

Day 2: fruit, cheese, vegetables. Day 3: Chocolate milk, miniature marshmallows, toothpicks.

Week 4:


Lava Cake ingredients. Lava Flow Drink ingredients: half & half, pineapple juice, coconut cream, frozen strawberries in syrup.

BEGINNER & INTERMEDIATE: Supplies for a volcano – see Day 1

Lava Lamp – flask, (can use glass mason jar or another type of tall thinner jar), vegetable oil, food dye, Alka-seltzer tablets.

Lava Slime: Clear Elmer’s Glue (I buy this in bulk), yellow dye, red dye, baking soda, contact solution, red glitter, gold glitter.

Week 5-6:



APPLES for Experiment: Granny Smith, Red Delicious, and others

Optional: Acetate Sheets in Red, Blue, and Yellow


Growing Germs:

2 or More slices of preservative-free Bread (not white packaged sandwich bread). I prefer to do this with 2 slices per student.

Ziploc bags for each slice of bread.

COPIES OF COLOR WHEEL in the Worksheet Documents (sign up to get a free download): Color Pencils, Beeswax Crayons or Watercolors

Mining Kits:

Make your own or purchase one of the mining kits listed below

Bag of Rocks for Mining Activity

National Geographic Mining Kit (my kids loved this activity – even my teenager)

Hidden Treasure Kit

Break Open Geodes Kit

Salt, Paint

Food Grade Wooden Skewers, Sugar

Cotton pipe cleaners – 1 per child, At least one of the following: Epsom Salts, Baking Soda or Alum



Sugar, Wooden Skewers (2-3 for Each Child), clothespin (Same number as wooden skewers), Food Coloring (optional), (Either Alum, Epson Salts or Baking Soda) 

If using Alum – Alum, jar, spoon, sieve, pencil and, thread

If using Epsom Salt – Epsom Salt, pitcher, plate, spoon, pipe cleaner

If using Baking Soda – Baking soda, pitcher, plate, spoon, pipe cleaner, 


Milk, food color, Q-tips, dishwashing liquid.


Salt, Epsom Salt, Tempera Paint, Sugar, Paintbrushes 

MAKE YOUR OWN GEODES: (Egg Shells, Salt, Sugar, Food Coloring)


Cardboard, Silver Paint, and Gems for Magic Mirror

Red and Green Construction Paper, Toilet Paper Tube


Milk, Coffee Filters, Felt-tip markers (not permanent ink)

INTERMEDIATE AND ADVANCED: Blank Journal – this will be used the rest of the year. It can be a notebook, a binder with paper, or a bound journal. Get creative.


Cardstock, X-ACTO Knife

Week 7-8:

Eye Color Predictor: How to predict a Baby’s Eye Color

 Blood Typing Kits – Optional: This test kit is for 3 individual tests. Options are available for 1, 2, 3, 5 or more tests.

Day 1:

Vinegar, Egg, Carrots, Salt

Art: Cornstarch

Day 2: Colorless sports drink, liquid dish soap, pineapple juice, wood skewer, 91% Rubbing Alcohol (Isopropyl), Test Tube (or skinny glass jar)

Day 3: 91% Rubbing Alcohol, Dishwashing liquid, cheesecloth, 3 strawberries, plastic sandwich bag, baby food jar (or small glass jar), wooden skewer

Glass candle holder, glass frosting spray, tea light, sticker paper,

Week 9-10:

Day 1: Ivory Soap for Soap Carving OR

Whittling Tools for Kids and Wood for Whittling with Wood

INTERMEDIATE: Foil, flashlight

Day 3: Make or Buy a Marionette. (Green Dragon) or (Pinocchio)

or Advanced: Plans for a marionette Craft Sticks, pom-poms, 3 empty toilet paper rolls, string/yarn, tissue paper, hot glue gun with glue

Make Chirping Sounds Like a Cricket: Nail File, paper

Day 4: Make a Cricket: 3 egg carton sections joined, marker, 6 pipe cleaners, a sheet of construction paper

Day 5: Crickets (can be purchased at pet stores)

Build a Raft: Craft Sticks If you buy these in bulk, you can use them to help spread glue and they will be useful for a variety of crafts.

Day 9: Modeling Clay. There are a ton of colors in this pack, but not a lot of clay in each pack. If you want fewer colors, but more clay per color, I suggest this Clay!

Week 11-12:

3-12 long stem roses for an experiment. (if you get 3, make sure they are all the same kind. If you get more, get half of one kind, and half of another), glass cylinders or vases, bell jar or clear plastic bag, sidewalk chalk. supplies to make a first aid kit, Allure Dimensional metallic paint, 10″ cardboard circle, acrylic paints, Rose Printable, 11 X 14 picture frame (or make your own), Mod Podge


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