Unique Presentation of The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse for 2022

Disney+ latest offering, The Wonderful Spring of Mickey Mouse is unique and offers a look at springtime. While the newish Mickey Mouse animation takes some getting used to, it is still very much Mickey Mouse. This style of animation is different and while Disney often tries to “reinvent” and move forward, many times classics get left behind. While I can’t decide for you if you like the newer Mickey & Minnie, I can tell you what you will find and how you can use it to teach your little ones in this Disney The Wonderful Spring of Mickey Mouse Review.

This offering is the second special in The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse, Season 2, and it is based on the season of spring. The first one was based on winter. Additionally, there will be 2 more released in 2022 – summer and fall.

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Synopsis of The Wonderful Spring of Mickey Mouse

From Disney+:

“The Wonderful Spring of Mickey Mouse” is the second extended length special in the second season of “The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse. In this next special, Mickey Mouse and his friends explore the promise of the spring season through the lens of a unique nature documentary.”

The Wonderful Spring of Mickey Mouse features Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Daisy, and Donald in an outside-the-box take on what happens in the spring, and includes human activities in the spring.

It is silly and doesn’t present what happens in spring in an obvious manner. But rather it uses Mickey and his friends to explain springtime, plants blooming, the wild weather, and more in a cute and whimsical manner. 

There are 3 segments. In the first segment, Mickey and friends emerge at the first sign of spring. As the sunshines, it gives the friends energy. However, eventually, that gives way to rain, thunder and lightning. There is also hail. And finally, spring bursts forth.

In the second segment, Mickey & Minnie plant a garden that bursts forth and overflows into the entire neighborhood. Goofy is allergic to all the pollen. But this segment really highlights some of the dangers of spring.

In the third and final segment, Minnie comes to Mickey’s apartment to spring clean. As she tries to get rid of useless items such as a moldy, half-eaten churro, Mickey holds onto the items because of the memories. When the stuff grows into a giant mold monster, Mickey is overtaken by the monster. Eventually, he sees the value in letting go of stuff.

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What Parents May Want to Know

Good: Just as you have to sometime look deep at poetry to understand the meaning, this cartoon takes a similar approach. While some children will understand right away, other children will need an adult to explain what is going on. This introduction to looking deeper into meanings and trying to figure out what is going on is a great way to teach your children to look beyond the obvious.

There are tons of references to other movies in this short. Try to see how many you can find?

Potentially Offensive Material:

Language: This is no bad language in this cartoon. However, in one scene Mickey says, “Our love is destroying everything.”

Violence: Donald gets stung repeatedly by bees. While not “violence”, there is an explosion of pollen.

Minnie chains up Mickey to keep him from interfering in her cleanup.

Sexual Content: While there is no sexual content, one time Mickey and Minnie Mouse almost kiss, and another time they do kiss behind a flower.

Other: There is silly content, such as an ant driving a car and flamingoes in shoes. The entire cartoon is fast-paced and frantic similar to Season One of The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse.

Mickey becomes crazy-eyed and it almost reminded me of Gollum (Smeagol) from The Lord of the Rings.

My Review Recommendations:

While this style of Mickey and friends isn’t my favorite, and I think the pace is too frantic, there is nothing in this cartoon that should be overly offensive in nature. Children of all ages may enjoy this cartoon.

Teachable Moments:

Metamorphosis: Going from a caterpillar to a butterfly.

Spring weather and how it changes. The days getting longer with more sunny weather. Difference between rain, storm, hail, downpour, showers. Storms – thunder and lightning.

How seeds grow into flowers and plants. Planting seeds and watching them germinate.

Planting gardens – vegetable, flower, and fruit trees. (Make sure your children understand where food comes from. There are actually adults that do not understand farming and that food doesn’t come from the grocery store.)

Pollen and allergies. What is pollen and how does it affect some people?

Bees – the dangers of bees. Honeybees versus other types of stinging insects – wasps, hornets. What bees do and without them how we would be lost. (Watch The Bee Movie)

Letting go of possessions – dangers of holding onto everything. How possessions can be a hindrance.

Draw Mickey Mouse

There are a lot of references to other movies such as Mary Poppins, Star Wars, Pixar Ball, and more. Try to see how many can be spotted.

Continue learning more about Walt Disney, Walt Disney World, and Disneyland.

Ideas for Teaching with Older Children:

Explore the animation style and voices of Mickey Mouse through the years starting with Steamboat Willie. How has the animation style changed? Who has voiced Mickey Mouse? Watch some of the more controversial Mickey Mouse cartoons such as The Mad Doctor. This has horror overtones. Why would theaters refuse to show it in 1933 and it was banned entirely in England.

Another animated short is Mickey’s Mellerdrammer which shows Mickey and characters dressed in blackface with exaggerated lips. Talk about blackface and why it is offensive. Research blackface in movies.

After watching Mickey’s Mellerdrammer talk about Dixieland. Find out more about Uncle Tom’s Cabin and Harriet Beecher Stow.

Design a Mickey Mouse comic book or a short cartoon.

Explore copyright and trademarks laws and how they apply to Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Information about The Wonderful Spring of Mickey Mouse Review

Rating G and Run Time: 24 mins.

Release Date March 25, 2022

Category: Animated Special

Released on Disney+

Cast of The Wonderful Spring of Mickey Mouse:

Chris Diamantopoulos – Mickey Mouse

Minnie Mouse – Kaitlyn Robrock

Goofy – Bill Farmer

Donald Duck – Tony Anselmo

Daisy Duck – Tress MacNeille

Executive Producer/Supervising Director: Paul Rudish

Producer: Philip Cohen

Composer: Christopher Willis

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where is The Wonderful Spring of Mickey Mouse streaming?

This cartoon can be found on Disney+.

When Can I watch The Wonderful Summer of Mickey Mouse?

The 3rd installment in this series is scheduled for July 8, 2022

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