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Unless you have lived in a cave the past few months, you and everyone else in the free world knows who Baby Yoda is – an adorable smaller version of Yoda from Star Wars! Even if you haven’t watched one episode of The Mandalorian on Disney+, you will still have come in contact with that adorable smiling face. Most likely, you came here looking for Baby Yoda Snacks, and I will give snack ideas. But first I need to tell you about how I got my start in creating snack faces, and why I created faces with food.

Once upon a time, many, many decades ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I began making faces out of leftover food. (Really it was just in Ohio). These were not any particular faces. I would finish eating a meal in a restaurant, and take any of the leftover scraps and pieces of food and create faces. These faces were comical. When the waitresses would come to my table to remove the dishes, they were always amused at my creations. In fact, sometimes they would take my face and show the chef. On a few occasions, I had the chef come out and thank me for the laugh!

Baby Yoda quick and easy snack ideas

And then I became too busy with multiple children at a dinner table, that I stopped playing with my food. Fast forward to today – I am playing with my food again! And it feels good. However, creating Pinterest-worthy plates is a lot harder now than it was back in the 80s and 90s. People expect more from your plate of food than ever before. I am here to show moms how to make a cute Baby Yoda snack for your children without the demands of Pinterest.

Your Baby Yoda snacks do not have to be Pinterest-Worthy!

You see, your children don’t require perfection from you. They only want love. And you can show love in many ways, but how cute would it be to do it with food? These Baby Yoda Snacks are the cutest.

One more thing I want to mention: You don’t need to create the perfect snacks. You just need to do something. Your Baby Yoda snack will probably look different than mine. Unless you want to devote lots of time and energy creating the ultimate snack, you will not achieve perfection and that is okay. It is important to note that when raising kids, they need to see that not everything has to be perfect. And “Unless you show them how” to be less than perfect, they will never learn.

Involve the Kids:

If your kids are a little older, you can involve them in creating snacks. Just place plates on the table with cut-up fruits, vegetables, crackers, and more and have a contest to see who can come up with the most creative ways to make Baby Yoda’s face and/or body. Make sure to print out a photo of Baby Yoda or have the photo below to have on hand so everyone can work off of the original.

The Child from the Mandalorian Baby Yoda


You may be thinking, “I have a bad feeling about this,” but I assure you that it is just as fun and memorable to make mistakes. Your kids will remember the time you tried to make a Baby Yoda and it ended up looking like a green lemur! The important thing is to just try. I know that goes against Yoda’s mantra, “Do or do not, there is no try,” but Yoda was not making food faces!

Green Fruits:

Kiwi makes the perfect color for The Child.  I had several slices for my first creation. The kiwi with blackberry eyes on peanut butter toast – delicious and cute. For the ears, I cut a slice in half and cut off pieces at angles until I had two pieces that I could merge together for pointier ears. I also cut a blackberry in half. Blueberries can also be substituted for eyes.

Baby Yoda face

Playing with your food baby yoda face

I also made a platter for 2 or more kids to share.  As you can tell, I experimented quite a bit trying to get the most Baby Yoda-like effects.  I sliced a very large blackberry in half for the eyes.

Baby yoda face
kiwi and blackberries make a baby yoda face

Other Green fruits: Slices of green apple or pear, honeydew, and green grapes can also be used to create a Baby Yoda face. I know avocados are considered a fruit, but I generally serve them with other vegetables, and so I have them listed below.

THE CHILD WITH Green Vegetables:

Vegetables become much harder to form into Baby Yoda, but it still can be done. Green vegetables include asparagus, avocado, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, uncooked cabbage, green beans, peas – snow and snap, celery, cucumber, peppers, zucchini, and a host of lettuces, kale, spinach, and more!

For the first vegetable version of Baby Yoda, I simply sliced pieces of celery and arranged on a plate. I then added avocado slices for the ears. and topped with 2 brown M&M’s. Olives can be used also.

Celery, mandms and avocado baby yoda

My second vegetable version involved mashing avocado, adding lime juice and salt and pepper. I made a mound of the fresh avocado. Added celery for the ears which I cut at an angle. Additionally, you can use peas, green beans, edamame, or peppers for the ears.

Avocado celery crackers and black olives form Baby Yoda face

I added gluten-free, multi-grain crackers around the base of the avocado mound and finished off with a large black olive cut in half for the eyes.

Obviously, you can use some of these ideas on a grander scale for fruit and vegetable trays for larger groups.

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