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I didn’t have high hopes for this movie, but when my 18-year-old autistic son saw the previews, he wanted to see it. So, I did what I always do when seeing a movie for the first time. I never research beforehand. Therefore, I didn’t look into the family or the movie. Furthermore, I read no reviews. But instead, I went into it blindly. This A is for Adley Lost in the Movies Christian Movie Review is a parent’s guide to viewing the movie with your children.

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A is for Adley Lost in the Movies Christian Review: Synopsis

First, you should know that Adley is a young girl who is famous on YouTube. Adley and her family have amassed quite a following on social media, and now she will be in a legit movie in the movie theater. The beginning of the film depicts Adley and her dad building a pretend movie theater in their basement with all of Adley’s stuffed animals, which include pink and blue monkeys and unicorns, as moviegoers.

To prepare for this movie, they make signs, tickets, and even a “big screen” to watch the film. When they are ready to begin their movie in their basement, Mom comes in and reminds them they will be late for the premiere of A is for Adley Lost in the Movies. They show up at their movie theater, and the ticket taker gives Adley a special golden ticket and tells Adley that every movie ticket has a little bit of magic.

Right before the movie starts, Adley is sucked into the theater screen without her family even realizing it. This is the point that the movie becomes animated. What will Adley encounter lost in the movies?

From A is for Adley Website: “Meet Adley: a mini professional fun haver just like her dad. Adley loves swimming, pretending, playing with toys, and anything unicorn or mermaids! She tries her best to make each and every day a real BEST DAY EVER with her friends and family! Adley also loves to think of fun video ideas and then film them with Mom, Dad, Niko Bear, and sometimes Navey!”

What parents may want to know before viewing A is for Adley:

This movie is rated G and is a family movie aimed at all ages. However, you need to be aware of some things before taking your children.


There was no foul language. However, there were a couple of phrases to be aware of – “holy moly” and “oh my gosh.” 


There is absolutely no violence – unless it is the thoughts you have in your head as you are watching this show.

Spiritual elements:

In one scene (it is very short), the mom has her hands in a meditating pose and does the meditation “chant.” Mudras are gestures made with the hands as part of the Hindu and Buddhist meditation practices. These gestures have spiritual significance and should not be practiced by Christians.

Content You Wish Wasn’t in the Movie: 

Adley talks to both her parents in a disrespectful tone. Honestly, this was such a big turnoff for me. Clearly, their home is a “child-centered” household. This is a house where the children run everything.

Most of the items I wish weren’t in the movie were during the animated portion of the film. In one scene, a baby is in a trash can, and another baby tries to climb into the oven. Animated Adley “yells” at her dad; as a baby, she hits her dad with no repercussions. 

In another animated scene, a baby is placed in a dog cage to prevent them from crawling off. I literally know of a person who tried this and had their child taken from them because it was considered abuse. 

At the movie’s end, the family stands up and begins to dance; the dad is shown briefly standing on the theater seat. 

There are other scenes where I thought, “what were they thinking?” Animated Adley is a veterinarian who uses tape to make a cocoon for a caterpillar who needs help becoming a butterfly. 

Positive Content:

It is apparent that the McBrides love their children. They talk to their children and interact with them. 

I also watched a few of their YouTube videos after viewing this movie, and I have to say that these videos are high-energy with frequent cuts. This is great from the standpoint of getting people to watch. Unfortunately, it is horrible from the standpoint of keeping children calm or expanding their attention span. A diet of videos like this may produce hyper children. 

While the jury is out on screen time and frequent cuts in the videos, many parents report increased hyperactivity after watching these videos. In fact, several parents discussing A is for Adley have said that these YouTube videos are banned in their households because of negative impacts in their children’s behaviors.

My Viewing Recommendation: 

I would personally skip A is for Adley Lost in the Movies. While it has a relatively short viewing time and should keep your child’s attention, it just was not worth the money for the provided content. I also advise parents to view what their children are watching on YouTube. While the McBride family is probably “safe” from the standpoint of language and overall content, don’t trust strangers on the internet with the souls of your children.

About A is for Adley Lost in the Movies Christian Review

Rating: G

Runtime: 1 hour, 10 mins.

Release date: April 21, 2023

Cast of A is for Adley Lost in the Movies Christian Review

Adley McBride

Dad: Shaun McBride (online alias Shonduras)

Mother: Jenny McBridge

Brother: Niko McBride

Sister: Navey

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Does Adley’s Dad Do?

Shaun McBride is a skateboarder and snowboarder. Furthermore, he owns multiple companies. His online alias is Shonduras, and he is a social media personality. He has an esports company called Spacestations Gaming.

Where do the McBrides live?

They live in Utah.

When did Shaun and Jenny get married?

They have been married since 2010.

Do you have a list of activities for preschoolers?

Absolutely. I have a list of activities to do with your preschooler HERE!

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